LeBron James didn’t participate in the Slam Dunk contest during the NBA’s All-Star weekend. But he would of scored a 10 with this dunk.

Speaking of Bron.. he caught hell on Instagram from users claiming his Android Homme shirt he wore to Club LIV was a Illuminati sign.

Someone needs to pull that shirt over your head and beat you til u can’t see
remy_marcel @jaythecashier yeah bro anytime.. Look up G. Craig Lewis.. He was a former mason.. And now he’s a minister preaching the gospel of jesus christ an exposing the purpose and agenda of the illuminati.. So many people are deceived and think this is cool.. People don’t even realize the what they are doing when they get into this stuff and support those that are apart of it..
Its sad to see how our people will fall for anything,when it comes down to strictly your faith when its not based on money,power etc simply faith y’all dumb NEGRO’S gone be in the LAKE OF FIRE
Devil worshipper ! #Illuminati 3m
Throwing up ‘nati signs

  • tierakay

    Hmmm and ness throwing up there symbol, I don’t think he cares if ppl know his agenda.

  • Yaz

    This illuminati bullshit is so annoying.

  • lazarus

    no comment on the “nati. I don’t want to be confused wit being illuminati. SMH
    However, that last dunk was bonkers by the BOE. Go Heat.

  • Mister Mister

    Keeping the folks talking smh….doesn’t do anything to affect my life, so why should I care?