When you think of mangled feet from here on out you will think of LeBron James toes. He has feet that look like they’ve been through a trash compactor, a viral photo from this week reveals about the world-class athlete. The glimpse at the LeBron’s feet comes from a series of photos of the NBA All-Star with his wife Savannah on vacation.

The Miami Heat star wore open-toed sandals that showed a jumble of toes. In another photo LeBron James takes off the sandals, showing that his foot seems mangled beyond belief. The end of his foot doesn’t seem to have enough room for his toes, leaving the pinky toe resting above the others and the big toe somehow shoved underneath. The picture of LeBron James’ feet has been a hit on the internet this week.

“His toes should spread out more and play zone defense,” user Idleworker wrote. Others speculated that the tight shoes LeBron James wears caused his feet to deform, though by that theory more NBA players would have toes that look jumbled up. ‘It’s not that strange,” explained another user.

“He probably had an unusually shaped foot growing up (longer than normal, or wide toes. Finding a shoe that fit probably pushed his toes up and together. Lots of prolific athletes get oddly-shaped feet from their footwear.” It’s true that LeBron James isn’t the only athlete with terrible feet. World-class sprinter Usain Bolt also suffers from what appears to be a foot deformity, presumably caused by wearing sprinting shoes too much.

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