Miami Heat star Lebron James was getting treatment when somebody spotted those feet. Somebody get Lebron to a podiatrist like yesterday for his summer toe’s.

  • Big ALbert

    Don’t this nicca got six toes on one of his feet?

  • InYoBizz2Much

    Like oh my god

  • jamarxyz

    they look like hoofs.

  • ginoBrown

    Toes throwing up gang signs, but hell 10 years in the league running up and down that court 82 games a year plus post season i’m sure alot of vets feet look like that.

  • MoorDetroitRed

    That came from all that GH they gave that nigga to grow like that in HS. Ain’t no fixing that.

  • Cakes(what we doin’)

    Lmao..he’s a man so who cares as long as theyre clean..only freak-a-leeks are that concerened about feet

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    real n.gga feet atleast i aint the only one with man feet, n.ccas around here walking around with pedicures better than ho3s lol , a n.gga suppose to have to freddie kruger toes, them bed sheet ripping toes hahaaa