Lebron James has been hanging out with pic on his Facebook account after his game 2 win.

If this trend comes back in to style I doubt you will see it worn by any straight men in Atlanta.

No phone and no Twitter for LBJ during the postseason. Per Fox Sports:

“Sideline reporter Craig Sager interviewed James for NBA TV following Tuesday’s Game 2 against Milwaukee. He asked James about cutting off communication during the playoffs. ‘I can use yours?’ James asked Sager, who said he could borrow his phone. ‘So there it is, I’ll use yours. … I’m back before cell phones were invented.’

  • too_funny

    this shyt was never in style for men and will never be in the future…period.

    • Nigga u was rockin them “darkskinnys” skinny jeans tho!!

    • Depends on what city you live in.

      • presto 2.5

        shyt is whack….in any city you live in.

  • ginoBrown

    They was lame back then and they lame 2day…and those are not meant for men,(well maybe euro dudes) they are female attire.

  • Mister Mister

    These dudes trying too hard to be European or “metrosexual”

    Shyt is suspect to me….don’t matter who u is, how much money u got or if u got a baby mama with kids

  • paul

    a cropped style is cool. its sold at many stores like Zara and Uniqlo. dont really see the big deal

    • K-iller

      This dude is gay ^^^^^ just for knowing what stores sell this bullish!t!

      • jamarxyz

        @K-iller…..exactly…and aint nothing cool about it.

  • Cakes(no burger daddy)