New information has been received on the ongoing Oscar Pistorius murder  as it continues with one striking development involving the chief investigator himself, Hilton Botha. Botha was on the scene of Pistorius girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp who was shot and killed by the Olympic blade runner on Valentines day, but is facing some charges of his own.

In fact he is facing seven counts of attempted murder himself stemming from a mini bus shooting that took place back in 2011 in which he and three other officers opened fire on the bus full of passengers were also said to have been under the influnence. At the time the shooting took place he was arrested but eventually charges were dropped until he had been notified that they were going to be reinstated each charged counting as the number of individuals on the bus.

“There was a decision taken by the director of public prosecution’s office to charge the members, each one of them, with seven counts of attempted murder,” said police spokesman Neville Malila. “That was the number of people that were in the taxi.”

Botha believes that the charges have only be reissued due to his part in the Pistorius case but was informed by the South African Naional Prosecutting Authority that he indeed had been charged before the blade runners incident occured. Since the charges have been reinstated Botha will no longer serve be a part of the case.