Cynthia Wachenheim the 44-year-old attorney who jumped from her apartment on the eighth floor with her 10 month on son left a 13 page suicide not that was discovered detailed her actions of being “evil”.

The woman dies on impact but the baby was able to survive from the cushioning of his mother to only suffer what has been reported a minor bruise. The suicide jump took place Wednesday , after details in the letter spoke upon the mother convincingly  her blamed herself for her son developing cerebral palsy. She also spoke upon her deep love and concern for her child and how she believed that people would assume she became a victim of postpartum psychosis; which is a disorder that causes mothers to harm themselves of children.

The New York Times features some of the suicide note and more details on this latest story.

  • Queso (The Corp)

    Yea I was reading this yesterday. Tried to take the baby out too smh.. That’s some serious issues. It’s crazy how the baby ain’t even get hurt really.. Wasn’t that kids time.

  • lazarus

    People “see” miracles an don’t even realize it. 8 stories up and the baby gets bruises. Incredible.

  • jamar

    GOD saved the baby.

  • k-iller

    This is my hood where it happened and I was out there two hours after the incedent! The hood was trying to blame the husband like if he threw them out the window! God bless that child!

  • case

    God wanted the mother to kill that baby

    God hates imported automobiles