The last Friday of the year brought out some of your favorite vixens Stephanie Santiago, Lastarya, Just Brittany, Yaris Sanchez, Cat Washington and Chocolate Dolly. Lastarya’s Instagram page got deleted so her new page is Im_Lastarya. Who do you think looked the best?


Stephanie Santiago



Yaris Sanchez


Cat Washington



Just Brittany

  • Just Brittany reminds me a little of……. Lastarya wearing them white pants tho damn!!!

    ***my final selection for donk of the year***

    Damn donna baby….I forgot all about her smh. All natural corp chick….she can take out any teamchocolate or fairytales model!!!. #corp life

    • **another reason to vote for Donna soublet as donk of the year**!/DonnaSoublet/media/slideshow?

      Gawwd Daaaamn!!! Fall back kyra & melyssa Milan. #corp life

      • yeah son! new orleans,we do this! lol but nah,melyssa milan got that one @3stacks 52 inches and authentic? i seen recent homegrowns and it’s strangely smooth again.

        • @sheed, donna is 36ddd-30-48!!. And she look better than melyssa Milan LOL…..donna wins

          • fudge nuggets lol…you right,and plus she from my city but still..melyssa milan donk is just near’ll be interesting whenever brian puts the polls up haha

          • MoorFedayeen

            @Sheed leave that man alone. Can’t you see he’s in denial? Aint no need to even open the envelope for donk of the year cause we already know who she is. Just call her to the stage.

            Its a black tie affair. Picture her knocking into and rubbing that heavy thing past folks to get to to the isle when her name is called. Who would get mad?

  • President Ward


    Wolfpack Inc.

  • aside from my fine piece…man,they all look nice. i’ll go with lastarya since she new orleans bred and can make a mean gumbo! something maliah,”P”,yaris,etc can’t do lmao

    • Who is P @sheed?

      • lol you know who…she still suspended or what? and merci for buying her a new camera,that’s what made me give her a 10 card lol

        • LOL

          • but yo,look at kyra up top man..she look ugly as fvck in that pic hahaha..*maliah looking at post with ANS Championship belt in her lap* “hahaha,and they saying she seeing me?” lol get it together ms.chaos!

          • President Ward

            Damn, why she got to be ugly as f*ck?

            @Lateef you wrong bro! smh

        • President Ward

          @Strait asked you. Who in the hell is P? @Lateef

          • @ward lol sorry just idk..never seen her from that angle…i’m still smashing though! best lower body in the game right now!

  • DonkRida

    Between Step & Star, but I’m going with Step

    • President Ward

      @DonkRida what’s good?

      • @ward, **@donkrida voice**…”same ol same ol,just sitting on my couch naked covered in vaseline….watching all of miguel’s videos” lmao!!!

        • President Ward

          @Strait aww hell naw!! lmao!! What’s up captain?!

          • DonkRida

            Waddup @ward? Just chillin homie

  • tyuaza

    Lastarya got damn
    and Just Brittany got a beautiful face

    • @Ty, just Brittany looks a awful lot like “queen P”

      • tyuaza

        i’m not dening it i personal don’t see it
        i’m scratching my head to see it but i don’t

  • Mister Mister

    Where’s Playboy at?! How many of these chicks is Team FairyTales?!

    • Playboy69


  • DCAssLuva

    i thought that was this chick name brittany on instagram my god this girl got ass smh

  • Playboy69

    Yaris Sanchez gets GOLD, Chocolate Dolly gets SILVER, Stephanie Santiago gets BRONZE…Yaris Sanchez TEAM FAIRYTALES LATINA HEAT ASS WINNING WEEKEND CONTINUES!…LOL!

  • NYKnicks

    Who’s the other girl in the first pic besides Yaris and Kyra?