Lastarya, Just Brittany, Yaris Sanchez, Cat Washington, Chocolate Dolly Hit The Club

· December 29, 2012

The last Friday of the year brought out some of your favorite vixens Stephanie Santiago, Lastarya, Just Brittany, Yaris Sanchez, Cat Washington and Chocolate Dolly. Lastarya’s Instagram page got deleted so her new page is Im_Lastarya. Who do you think looked the best?


Stephanie Santiago



Yaris Sanchez


Cat Washington



Just Brittany

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  1. Just Brittany reminds me a little of……. Lastarya wearing them white pants tho damn!!!

    ***my final selection for donk of the year***

    Damn donna baby….I forgot all about her smh. All natural corp chick….she can take out any teamchocolate or fairytales model!!!. #corp life

  2. President Ward says:


    Wolfpack Inc.

  3. aside from my fine piece…man,they all look nice. i’ll go with lastarya since she new orleans bred and can make a mean gumbo! something maliah,”P”,yaris,etc can’t do lmao

  4. DonkRida says:

    Between Step & Star, but I’m going with Step

  5. tyuaza says:

    Lastarya got damn
    and Just Brittany got a beautiful face

  6. Mister Mister says:

    Where’s Playboy at?! How many of these chicks is Team FairyTales?!

  7. DCAssLuva says:

    i thought that was this chick name brittany on instagram my god this girl got ass smh

  8. Playboy69 says:

    Yaris Sanchez gets GOLD, Chocolate Dolly gets SILVER, Stephanie Santiago gets BRONZE…Yaris Sanchez TEAM FAIRYTALES LATINA HEAT ASS WINNING WEEKEND CONTINUES!…LOL!

  9. NYKnicks says:

    Who’s the other girl in the first pic besides Yaris and Kyra?

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