It’s Thickness Thursday as you already know so who better to post other then Lastarya. Check out her all natural homegrown video stills from Bluestarlive. For more pics to hot for the main page you have to see in the ANS forum HERE.

  • well she could be the permanent spokeswoman 4 thickness thursdays. since i just saw her video recently on ans,these pics do nuthin 4me. no diss 2 her cuz i would supersmash,its just time 4 some new chicks,strait up!

    • moorfedayeen

      right, need a vid of her or I may not car unless the pics are something different.

  • Clyde Dreskler

    she been taking way too many cum shots on the ass. you can see the wear & tere in it. id smash and pass. i only fucks with strippers once

    she needs too keep her booty skin together, way too much set in dirt. Epsom Salt and a hot bath twice a day for 3 months will get that straight.

  • Cold and hot

    This chick is bad as hell to me.

  • tim

    She is not as thick as she was. Nice looking broad but there is a reason dudes say a broad is phat to def. You can always lose your stomach but when the ass goes, you go.

    She still licking, regardless.

    • dubb

      nah she just not all photoshopped up. she still think but the chick look like a fuckin horse ans FYI cum is good for the skin lol



  • T-Fleezee

    She still holding it down! Not the finest. Not the thickest. But she just has that it factor 4 me. Niggas talking bout booty skin? Really? And giving tips on how 2 clean it? Sounds like someone knows from experience. I’m just saying.

    • t-tyme

      co-sign that T-Fleezee, n1ggas just wanna see a phat ass, who cares about skintone & how 2 clean it, n1ggas be wantin’ the perfect chic but it ain’t happenin’!!!



  • gotmobread03

    Dayum, she is fine. That booty made my thing jump.

  • antbankz

    Wheee Doggy! That ass look like it can make any n!gga cum fast. Especially if she throw it back at you!!!! I’d have to ride it to sleep!

  • Moula


  • Michael

    It all sounds too clean. I’m sayin, jump that thang, and ride it. Who cares.