Start your Monday morning off with some morning thick em’s starring Lastarya, Ayisha Diaz & Mesha Seville, who gave us a sampler from there upcoming shoots. Who do you think looked the best?



Ayisha & Mesha

  • Realtalkin

    Goin for Ayisha wit her fine ass, Lastarya and Mesha could get it too tho

    • queso (The Corp)

      U know I aint no lastarya fan but i think her pic lookin better than ayishas…cant believe I just said that.

      • Playboy69

        @queso…PREACH! Lastarya = HERSHEY BAR!…LOL!

        • @Queso I can believe it. Good choice my friend. Everyone knows that Lastarya came back with a vengence. She earned my #1 spot.

          • presto 2.5

            shorty shows you a lil azz…and you go into a frenzy…supreme thirstmode!…lmao!…but your name is “SuperFreak”…so its understandable…lol…nicca probly lickin azz and all dat!…LMAO!!

            Yisha allday my G…look at dat face?…are you kindin me?…Star run’n numero dos my friend

            MegaCorp in tha Building…

            **@850 heads for the door**…LMAO!

          • @Presto well I’ll be damn well if it isn’t Presto a.k.a Gator. How’s it going you ugly son of a bitch! R u nuts? So ur saying Star face isn’t beautiful? Kiss my azz u hating revenge of the nerd cocaine snorting barbarian. Go back to your cave u bummy bastard. But Ayisha is very beautiful but I’ll still walk away with Star over her.

          • presto 2.5

            LMFAO!…”u hating revenge of the nerd cocaine snorting barbarian”

            and i didnt say Star wasnt shine’n…”You crack smokin..turtleneck wearin..looking like a brokeazz/ gayazz overweight Wiz Khalifa…”


          • @Presto Lmao turtleneck wearing,overweight wiz Kalifa. Funny u skinny jean wearing Whoopi Goldberg twin look alike Metrosexual horned toad.

      • BigRob


        • DonkRida

          LMFAO!!! @850 & @preso

  • Playboy69

    Lastarya get GOLD, Ayisha Diaz gets SILVER, & Mesha gets BRONZE…LASTARYA GUMBO COUNTRY ASS WINS! HERE…And here why

    • Realtalkin

      yea i seen that vid..nice..real nice

      • Playboy69

        Lastarya got that CHOCOLATE that can give you Cavity…LOL! She is in discussion for ANS ASS MODEL of year.

        • Starya is he Queen!!!!! I love this lady. She slid to my #1 spot for now. Damn all that naysayers stuff.

          • Lastarya is the Queen!!!!! She’s killing a bunch of our favs. I’m telling you all the chick is bad. I can only imagine what’s she like in person. Sheed what she look like bruh?

          • Playboy69


          • @PB69 I see them Bp Corp bums are afraid to step in on this post. I can’t blame them I would as well.

          • Playboy69

            @850…Even Team Fairytales had to TIP OUR HAT too TEAM CHOCOLATE today…LMAO!

          • queso (The Corp)

            @playboy I thought lastarya was on team fairytales.

          • @Pb69 thank you sir!

          • Playboy69

            @queso…Nah! Lastarya BODY IS REAL! Lastarya is 100% PERCENT GUMBO THICK!

    • yeah dawg. would love to have mesha and ayisha under the mistletoe but lastarya man…she got the body,a tolerable face,and she can cook gumbo? NO CHALLENGE

      • @Queso who told you that! No way bro I personally, recruited Lastarya & Bria Myles. You can go on down the street talkingw that mumbo jumbo. I remember when cats use to try and clown Lastarya when I first got on ANS. I was called crazy for even putting her in my top 3. But now I see everyone is doing the same. Power to the people!!!!

        • queso (The Corp)

          @850 lmao hey I was just askin….what do I know.

      • BigRob

        I been saying this .lastarya got the best all natural body in the game. She got a massive azz with the perfect shape too it. Not droopy like mizz dr. She got smooth as skin and he tilts are real who body better and they 100%??? Who

  • Lastarya case closed!!

    Wolfpack Inc.

    • @Pward she earned the #1 spot for me bruh. My top 5
      2.Kyra Chaos
      3.Krysti Hill
      4.Bria Myles

      • 5.Brianna Bettes

        • queso (The Corp)

          @850 like ur little line up…..what up wit Brittaney Aleis though?

          • @Queso holly shit!!!!!!!! That’s who I was missing. She’s on the tiebreaker with Brianna.B she needs to drop more pics. (Brittaney Aleis) that is.

        • @850 Nice list dawg …

          • And @850 you about to have queso join TC.

            What’s up @Playboy?

          • Playboy69

            @Ward.. I’m good…LASTARYA just JUMP START my week…That’s WNE video of LASTARYA is EPIC!…LOL

          • @Pward thanks bro. It’s more of them but I can’t remember them all. But If I backtrack I’ll come up with alot more. And Queso is more than welcome to join TC.

          • queso (The Corp)

            @pres ward o nell naaaaw kid. Them team choco stankin azz skinny jean wearing glitter name belt rockin chumps….never!! Lol

          • @Queso lol that’s funny. Doesn’t suit us but it was a funny joke.

    • Playboy69

      @Ward & @850… AMEN! Even Ayisha Diaz FAIRYTALES ASS cannot hide from THE DARK TRUTH of LASTARYA!…LMAO

      • @Pb69 Naw she can’t. But here’s the rest of my list.
        6.Brittaney Aleis
        7.Tia Simone
        8.Sexy Solei

        Anyone else feel free to drop yours.

        • NoWhiteInMyCup

          That Lastarya bonus pic was the buisness, minus the motha fcuking n.gga in the pic smiling and shiiit, he ruined a perfectly good pic

          • Playboy69

            @No White… Check out the latest video of LASTARYA that I post…ENJOY!…LOL!

          • @Nowhite you said you from Polk County Fl right? I know some peeps down there. I need to ask you about them u might know them.

        • Playboy69

          @850… NOT BAD!…I will release my power ranking of 2012 when ANS MODEL OF YEAR on countdown show via HAHZ… Don’t won’t ruin the PARTY!… But LASTARYA will be performing…LMAO!

  • BzB

    star’s cakes on swole!

  • tyuaza

    Got Damn

  • They all weak!!

    • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

      This nicca here!! You was drooling when you saw the nfl players running with their shirts off in Green Bay, though.


    • @Sheed what she look like in person?

      • hershey’s chocolate hahaha. she one of the coolest models i’ve ever met. hahz knows what i mean with the first sentence haha. we gotta catch up when i visit atlanta next year.

        • I hope I don’t come across her fine ass. I’m taking pics with her and i’m grabbing dat azz. I’m grabbing all of it. And when I do I will send Hahz the pic. I will be the King of ANS!!!!!!!!!

          • haha yeah i hear you. i was gonna do it but we was in winn dixie and i was like 16 lmao,ain’t fitting to be in juvenile prison for some booty haha

          • @Sheed lol, I feel you bro. But when I was 16 man I didn’t give a damn. Age didn’t matter as long as she wasn’t extremely old or too young. The lowest I would go is two yrs younger. But older it didn’t matter as long as she wasn’t walking with cane or have some dentures.

  • ANS Top 5 Power Rankings this week

    2.Kyra Chaos
    4.Stephanie Santiago
    5.King Raychiel

    Miracle Watts for Rookie of the Year!

    • Playboy69

      @rasheed…Not Bad list! Tahiry is NOT ONE OF MY FAVORITE!…But I cannot wait until LOVE & HIP-HOP SEASON 3!…TAHIRY > Rosa Acosta in LATINA HEAT dept.

      • @Pb69 Damn I forgot all about Mizz.DR dammit man! Not a bad list Ribbit (Sheed) who’s the other 5?

        • what other top 5 bill duke? lol and @playboy69 yeah man,tahiry always been a fav of mines,she on hers. saw mizz dr at the spurs game but i was in the sixth row haha

        • okay,give me time to think on top 10 of 2012 lol,here’s my top 10 rookies of they year

          1.Miracle Watts
          2.Just Brittany
          3.DC Dallas
          4.Syn the Lady Hustla
          5.Gisselle D
          6.Dretta Star
          9.Mocha Mamii
          10.Adiz Benson of BBW

          • Fresh718

            75% percent of those chicks are TEAM FAIRYTALES…..So many surgeons got rich this year lol

          • Playboy69

            @718…PREACH! Got TEAM FAIRY TALES change the game this year on ANS…LOL

          • Playboy69

            @rasheed… 1.) Angelic Ramos, 2. DC DALLAS, 3.) Climax, 4.) Syn the Lady hustla, & 5.) Bambi = MY TOP 5 ROOKIES

          • @Sheed lmao!!! Them boys said your line up is on team fairytales. But good list tho. Especially on DC Dallas & Syn the lady hustla I love them two women.

        • Playboy69

          @850 & @Rasheed….You Know I LOVE MIZZ DR SO MUCH. U guys push me so here is my LIST for 2012 Real talk!…

          2. Briana Bette (Miss. HERSHEY KISSES)
          3. Sultry Simone (TEAM FAIRY TALES MVP)
          4. Secret Moneii (TEAM FUGLY MVP)
          5. Denisha Lewis (Big GIRL POWER) google her
          6. Lastarya (QUEEN of TIP DRILL)
          7. Keani Cochelle (AMAZON QUEEN)
          8. Maliah Michel (CANDY YAMS THICKNESS)
          9. Kyra Chaos (HARDEST WORKING MODEL of 2012)
          10. Joanna Shari (PAWG POWER & BLONDES STAY WINNING MVP)

          • i like that list @playboy69,honest talk. and @fresh718 well lol they were the most active this year man,as for my other official list…i said it before and i’m saying it again..kyra chaos will win ANS model of the year

          • @Pb69 good list brother. Tips my hat off to you.

          • Playboy69


          • DCAssLuva

            too me climax 1 of the baddest strippas or not on here but i knew climax since like 2010 on twitter THAT AZZ IS FUCCKIN CRAZY FOR HER SHORT LIL ASS

  • damnshame

    LASTARYA LASTARYA LASTSYRA…..that right dere is 100% USDA approved

    • Playboy69


  • @playboy69 yeah angelic ramos is up there too,just seem like she almost vanished or something lol…but she got more then enough pics to keep herself in the race.

    • Playboy69

      @rasheed…Preach! That’s why I vote for DC DALLAS for ROOKIE OF YEAR!…She can her LOCKS anytime on me…LOL!

      • Playboy69

        @rasheed..DC DALLAS CAN SHAKE her LOCKS anytime on me…LOL!

        • haha @playboy69 yeah dawg,i’m already ordering the moet and martinelli’s sparkling cider for the award ceremony lol

          *kyra chaos on sheed’ bed filing her nails* “i’m just resting though”

          • Playboy69


  • DCAssLuva

    DAMN!!!! AYISHA SEXY ASS!! smh!! and star must have did a photoshoot i rarely see her take pics in thongs like she used too

  • BigRob

    Ayisha fine on pics seen her in person and she just cute. But lastarya took this with no effort. Damn who body better than hers. Who? Face is ok. Mesha who? Lmao

  • BigRob

    Ayisha looking like Natalie nun in that pic with mesha.

  • too_funny

    L-Star, she got booty and beauty

    “Too Infinity & Beyond” TeamChocolate

  • wobeli

    All 3 look good here to me, nice post.

  • TYBO2020