Lastarya, Ayisha Diaz & Mesha Seville Looking Photo Shoot Fresh

· December 10, 2012

Start your Monday morning off with some morning thick em’s starring Lastarya, Ayisha Diaz & Mesha Seville, who gave us a sampler from there upcoming shoots. Who do you think looked the best?



Ayisha & Mesha

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  1. Realtalkin says:

    Goin for Ayisha wit her fine ass, Lastarya and Mesha could get it too tho

    • queso (The Corp) says:

      U know I aint no lastarya fan but i think her pic lookin better than ayishas…cant believe I just said that.

      • Playboy69 says:

        @queso…PREACH! Lastarya = HERSHEY BAR!…LOL!

        • @Queso I can believe it. Good choice my friend. Everyone knows that Lastarya came back with a vengence. She earned my #1 spot.

          • presto 2.5 says:

            shorty shows you a lil azz…and you go into a frenzy…supreme thirstmode!…lmao!…but your name is “SuperFreak”…so its understandable…lol…nicca probly lickin azz and all dat!…LMAO!!

            Yisha allday my G…look at dat face?…are you kindin me?…Star run’n numero dos my friend

            MegaCorp in tha Building…

            **@850 heads for the door**…LMAO!

          • @Presto well I’ll be damn well if it isn’t Presto a.k.a Gator. How’s it going you ugly son of a bitch! R u nuts? So ur saying Star face isn’t beautiful? Kiss my azz u hating revenge of the nerd cocaine snorting barbarian. Go back to your cave u bummy bastard. But Ayisha is very beautiful but I’ll still walk away with Star over her.

          • presto 2.5 says:

            LMFAO!…”u hating revenge of the nerd cocaine snorting barbarian”

            and i didnt say Star wasnt shine’n…”You crack smokin..turtleneck wearin..looking like a brokeazz/ gayazz overweight Wiz Khalifa…”


          • @Presto Lmao turtleneck wearing,overweight wiz Kalifa. Funny u skinny jean wearing Whoopi Goldberg twin look alike Metrosexual horned toad.

  2. Playboy69 says:

    Lastarya get GOLD, Ayisha Diaz gets SILVER, & Mesha gets BRONZE…LASTARYA GUMBO COUNTRY ASS WINS! HERE…And here why

  3. Lastarya case closed!!

    Wolfpack Inc.

  4. BzB says:

    star’s cakes on swole!

  5. tyuaza says:

    Got Damn

  6. ANS Top 5 Power Rankings this week

    2.Kyra Chaos
    4.Stephanie Santiago
    5.King Raychiel

    Miracle Watts for Rookie of the Year!

  7. damnshame says:

    LASTARYA LASTARYA LASTSYRA…..that right dere is 100% USDA approved

  8. @playboy69 yeah angelic ramos is up there too,just seem like she almost vanished or something lol…but she got more then enough pics to keep herself in the race.

  9. DCAssLuva says:

    DAMN!!!! AYISHA SEXY ASS!! smh!! and star must have did a photoshoot i rarely see her take pics in thongs like she used too

  10. BigRob says:

    Ayisha fine on pics seen her in person and she just cute. But lastarya took this with no effort. Damn who body better than hers. Who? Face is ok. Mesha who? Lmao

  11. BigRob says:

    Ayisha looking like Natalie nun in that pic with mesha.

  12. too_funny says:

    L-Star, she got booty and beauty

    “Too Infinity & Beyond” TeamChocolate

  13. wobeli says:

    All 3 look good here to me, nice post.

  14. TYBO2020 says:


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