Lastarya Afternoon Thick Em’s..

· January 30, 2013

The homie Lastarya is always leaving us wanting more with her pics. Including the fact she’s wearing eight inch high heels..she can do no wrong.



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Discussion33 Comments

  1. TruDat says:

    This chick is so “Old” news…………..Next

    One Love

  2. Playboy69 says:

    I LOVE THIS WOMAN!…Where is 850 so he can tell the GOSPEL of LASTARYA TUCKER…LMAO!

  3. blizzy says:

    holding a 10 on the scorecard……………..hands down blessed with thyckness

  4. 828heffe says:

    Her posts are always on point. One of the baddest on here!

  5. too_funny says:

    lordy jesus let me pray to GOD lol

  6. alot of super bowl parties here already,it’s crazy because the big game isn’t until sunday lmao..lastarya is non-smashing material,just a friend lol

  7. Daaamn!! No straight man can front on lastarya,she’s looking damn good!! I prefer her with the short hair but she looks good here still. Ill get her a robe just like that if she comes to chitown LOL. Wheres @850????

  8. Cutta says:

    The Real ANS Champ lol You can’t lose with Lastarya.

  9. BullnBearHP says:

    she got that bubble no doubt but its time to hit the gym. Tighten it up a bit. Starting to see cottage cheese.

  10. Realtalkin says:

    Got dammn! Never gonna tire of seeing that Donk

  11. President Ward says:

    She got a*s for days.

    850 is on a vacation. My dude went too Jamaica.

  12. lazarus says:

    The “prototype”, Good look @Sheed. How’s that gumbo?? LOL

  13. cadillacgrease of CorpTX says:

    ahhh…nothing like tuning in the Team Chocolate channel for the classics…
    *thumps ashes off cigar* cause they don’t have no new broads! LMAO!

    • presto 2.5 says:


      **Tunes into TC Classics Channel**…”Standard Def… black blocks on the side of screen…fuzzy as hell…like a damn VHS”

      **Turns Channel back to crystal clear MGCHD brought to you in 1080p**

  14. presto 2.5 says:

    only Choco worthy of blinking on MegaCorp’s radar….

    **Lastarya Answering Machine**…”Beep…Yo StarStar…dis Ray…I was on Atlnightspots and that NSFW4 got a brotha thirsty a fuk…holla @cha boy!”…lol

    • DonkRida says:

      @presto she’s just one of the hottest #TC chics posted right now that’s all. You’re just baffled lol. We got more fire that would blow up ya’ll raggedy azz radar.

      *Mega Corps radar goes off when Shay Moss is spotted*

      beep..beep..beep..beep.. KABOOM!!! LMAO!!!

  15. DCAssLuva says:

    pic 4 good lord!!! she needs too make more videos tho

  16. blizzy says:

    loves da smile

  17. damnshame says:

    I wanna f*ck Lastarya…… closed

  18. johnson says:

    she badd as sh1t

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