The Jump Out Boys consists of seven members of a L.A. sheriff’s deputies secret clique that prides itself on celebrating shootings of mostly Latino and black gang bangers. The secret group known as the Jump Out Boys prides itself on aggressive policing, much of it in Latino communities, and brands its members with matching tattoos of a red-eyed oversized skull bearing the clique acronym and a bony hand holding a revolver. Smoke is tattooed over the gun’s barrel for members who have been involved in at least one shooting.

  • Jamez

    its time to start back gangs. and i mean what they were ORIGIANLLY intended for

  • QueT

    Criminals controlling and locking up criminals?

  • Total_Recall

    Here’s the skinny on The LAPD and the LA County Sheriffs Dept. As far as the lapd is concerned, Dorner was correct in his assessment. The dept. have not gotten any better. They have learned how to cover their shit up better than before. Cops are still harassing black males on a daily bases. You may ask “did Dorner lie about seeing a female officer kick a handcuffed suspect”? Hell no he wasn’t lieing. These female officers try like hell to prove to the boys that they fit into their club. The lapd will still lie on you, they will still frame you, they will still beat your ass if they think you have done something. If you just happen to live in a bad area like Pacoima, North Hills, or Panorama City and you are black, you are subject to be harassed for no reason at all. So what if those areas are gang infested and have a lot of drug dealers living there. Every black man is not involved in that shit. Therer are plenty of hard working brothas that live in those areas that only want to live a good, decent life and raise their kids.

    The Sheriffs dept are not to much into violating your rights (out in the open)but if they for any reason get you behind closed doors you might as well give yo ass to jesus……. God forbid you should happen to be sent to the twin towers or mens central jail. those two places make (short of death) the plantation and the Nazi internment camps look like day care centers. I live in Van Nuys at the present but have lived all over the county of Los Angeles. I’ve been on the good side of the law and the bad side at times. Was treated the same either way.
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  • Total_Recall

    What is a gang member in their minds?…anyone who is black or latino.

    Years ago in the town of Springfield,Mass…which is mostly latino and a few poor whites and blacks,they had a group like this.

    Only when a pig was involved in a shooting…he would get a ham.

  • MoorFedayeen

    RIP Christopher Dorner

    • jamar

      kinda strange how his wallet popped up in 2 different places….one story says it was found in the cabin….how can that be unless it was a fire proof wallet.

      • MoorFedayeen

        Yeah I’m convinced its another false flag but it was pretty dope. Like a movie.The brother goes for broke and wins. He went out on his terms.

  • Southwestern

    Not anything we didn’t know already. I thought Dormer had assemled all the pigs together at the cabin and he was gonna detonate on they azz. I’m surprised he acted alone. Should’ve had a AC with him like OJ to carry it out.

  • American

    “To protect the sheep you gotta catch the wolf, and it takes a wolf to catch a wolf.” -Alonso Harris