If I won that $212 million dollar mega millions I would coped this Lambo.The LP 670-4 doesn’t look like your average Murciélago, either. It’s design is simple and brutal compared to the mess of angles that make up the Reventon. Up front the air intakes have been made larger for better brake cooling and the front spoiler extends much farther out. The new engine cover, meanwhile, is a marvel of design with three hexagonal transparent polymer plates supported by a carbon fiber framework. The interior has also been upholstered entirely in Alcantara and features sti*ching that matches the exterior color of the car.

You can’t argue with a car that’s faster, lighter and more powerful than its predecessors, and the Lamborghini LP 670-4 SuperVeloce is certainly not a car we’d want to argue with. Check out the gallery of high-res images just released by Lamborghini and stay tuned for our own gallery of live LP 670-4 SV shots when we hit the show floor soon.

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