Lala Anthony recently went shopping in a form fitting dress that showed her all her curves. It’s rare that she shows her body like this but she got hips and a donk I don’t see why she tries to hide it.
Lala spoke about her marriage and rumors Melo cheating.
“Not in my marriage. It ain’t no hall pass. There’s no open relationship. There’s none of that going on in my marriage,” said LaLa, who is taking stripper lessons and tries to keep things spicy to make sure her man stays interested.

“I feel like a man just would not have the same respect for you if you don’t do anything. There’s a difference when you have your own schedule and our own thing going on and not when he left you were in the same spot when he came back,” said LaLa, who wouldn’t be satisfied as a stay-at-home wife.

“That wouldn’t make me happy,” she said.



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  • ballzdeepigo

    I think it’s fake she just got thick in the pass 3-4 years. But i’ll knock her off.

    • For Serious

      She has the same booty shot doctor as Kim Kardashian

      • treydarealest1

        It is fake niggas need to stop acting like they don’t remember her shape from back in the day, no ass no hips. Kim hooked her up with her doctor.

        • Verde 718

          Dude,you do realize back in the day SHE DIDN’T HAVE A BABY lol

          Women gain weight when they have kids,You should know this.

        • tone

          yeah it’s fake when she was on mtv she had no shape

    • Will

      Them legs is kinda skinny for that donk, but who knows??? As far as Melo cheatin’…c’mon…this is a major NBA star in the NY market…I know I wouldn’t take bets on him just being with Lala…

      I’m pretty sure Cookie Johnson said the same thang about Magic…lol…


    Um we gon need more evidence than this,these r bullshh pics dog

  • TYBO2020


  • TRL that was my sh*t back then.

    • wobeli

      Ananda Lewis, when she was hosting main reason I watched.

  • Nobigurls

    Not impressed

  • 313Deuce BP

    she got some ostrich azz legs

  • cadillacgrease of BP

    Look its Garfield!!

  • wobeli

    Not bad, not excited, but not bad at all.

    • realtalkldn


  • DCAssLuva

    yall gotta watch her show if u dont think she got azz she turns around i be like DAMN!!!

    she got azz and tits