Just days after the passing of owner Dr.Jerry Buss,the Los Angeles Lakers starred in their first game since the All Star break in which they hosted the rival Boston Celtics. Before the tip off Kobe Bryant came out and delivered a tribute speech in honor of the late Dr. Buss and the Lakers came out and performed as they should have all season long.

With six players in double figures, Howard led with 24 pts 12 rebs,Nash had 14 pts and 7 assists passing up Magic Johnson for fourth on the all time list. Kobe came out and dropped 16 points and finished with 7 assists as well with 4 rebounds. The Lakers controlled a lead for the majority of the game leading by as many as 19 at one point. Dr. Buss made it known that all he ever wanted was from his team was to beat the celtics which was the reason he purchased the team to begin with and they didn’t disappoint.