Kyra Chaos, Temeca Freeman, Keyshia Kaoir & Deelishis All Star Weekend Face Off

· February 18, 2013

The stars were out in Houston for NBA All Star Weekend,along with some of our favorite models like Kyra Chaos, Temeca Freeman & Keyshia Kaoir. Temecca is rarely taking pictures but I can tell she doesn’t like showing her a@$$@ts off.

Who looked the best?

Kyra Chaos


Temeca Freeman




Sultry Simone


Cubana Lust


Keyshia Kaoir

 Mayoli Sena 
Mayoli Sena



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Discussion17 Comments

  1. too_funny says:

    Deelish wins bc how that azz looks in those jeans.

    Sultry is lookin good

    Kyra looks good in anything on or off

  2. Deelishis wins this one,oldest in the bunch too..and Hahz,man why the hell you got booked? WE WERE SUPPOSED TO GET NACHOS AT CLUB ONYX

  3. crabapples says:

    cubana is at a sex shop so she got this.

  4. ballzdeepigoz says:

    1.Dee 2. KC 3.CL 4.KK forget the rest.

  5. REX says:

    Like I said before DEELISHIS got the PHATTEST azz since Cherokee hands down N of the story

  6. judge joe brown says:

    U all wrong..freeman wins hands down…1 reak ass 2 fattest ass for body weight
    ..come on guys start thinking before u blurt out bs

  7. Prime706 says:

    Kyra got this going by the body.

  8. Realtalkin says:

    Kyra got this, Temeca I miss her lol but thats her husband in the first pic of her and Cubana lust for me!

  9. Playboy69 says:

    DEELISHIS winning like the RAVENS right now!…SHE got that BEND but do not break ASS!…DEELISHIS WINS!

  10. me says:

    smh. sultry know she wrong for that small knot on her head.

  11. 1luv says:

    Chaos will always be first and Simone second!

  12. Larcen says:

    Cubana Lust at it again! this time she got comp though cause Kyra Chaos out there looking very good and Temeca always look good

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