The stars were out in Houston for NBA All Star Weekend,along with some of our favorite models like Kyra Chaos, Temeca Freeman & Keyshia Kaoir. Temecca is rarely taking pictures but I can tell she doesn’t like showing her a@$$@ts off.

Who looked the best?

Kyra Chaos


Temeca Freeman




Sultry Simone


Cubana Lust

Keyshia Kaoir

 Mayoli Sena 



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  • too_funny

    Deelish wins bc how that azz looks in those jeans.

    Sultry is lookin good

    Kyra looks good in anything on or off

    • presto 2.5

      yup…Delish is look’n extra fly these dayz!…maybe the new haircut?

      Sultry and that purple dress…look’n real elegant…she on her Maliah and its defnitly a good look…

      • The side views of deelishis,simone, & Cubana are ridiculous!!! All ladies looking good too. Temeca freeman got her 90’s Mary J Blige look going LOL.

  • Deelishis wins this one,oldest in the bunch too..and Hahz,man why the hell you got booked? WE WERE SUPPOSED TO GET NACHOS AT CLUB ONYX

  • crabapples

    cubana is at a sex shop so she got this.

  • ballzdeepigoz

    1.Dee 2. KC 3.CL 4.KK forget the rest.

  • REX

    Like I said before DEELISHIS got the PHATTEST azz since Cherokee hands down N of the story

  • judge joe brown

    U all wrong..freeman wins hands down…1 reak ass 2 fattest ass for body weight
    ..come on guys start thinking before u blurt out bs

  • Prime706

    Kyra got this going by the body.

    • Mister Mister

      Yess surr

  • Realtalkin

    Kyra got this, Temeca I miss her lol but thats her husband in the first pic of her and Cubana lust for me!

  • Playboy69

    DEELISHIS winning like the RAVENS right now!…SHE got that BEND but do not break ASS!…DEELISHIS WINS!

  • me

    smh. sultry know she wrong for that small knot on her head.

  • 1luv

    Chaos will always be first and Simone second!

  • Larcen

    Cubana Lust at it again! this time she got comp though cause Kyra Chaos out there looking very good and Temeca always look good