I arrived to the Koo Koo Room last Tuesday (6-18) at 1am which is the peak of most of all the Atl night spots. I parked across the street at the lot next to Opera which usually has the parking lot mafia out there, but they were no were to be found so I only paid $5 which is regular fee. I walked up to door and it was a couple people their but I got right in after paying $20.00. When I got down stairs it was wall to wall packed.

Koo Koo Room has a crowd that you won’t catch in the night clubs of Atlanta, it has that lounge/house party vibe. The crowd is mature (25+), the selection of women was definitely worth the door charge. I seen some diamonds in the rough that you don’t see at the usual hot spots.DJ Mars was on the 1’s and 2’s if you been to a party he DJ’d before then you already know he gives you a wide variety of sounds unlike most ATL DJ’s. The dress code wasn’t strict and they allow you to wear hats. It’s a spot you can bring a date or go solo and mix n mingle. One of the best qualities about the spot it isn’t designed to have everyone in the spot starring at the VIP section all night, people dance on the dance floor.

Koo Koo Room one Tuesday’s is one of the most slept on spots in the city cause the promoters don’t take pictures or promote the spot the traditional Atl way. For those who say Atlanta ain’t popping 7 days a week haven’t been to this spot yet.

1140 Crescent Ave NE  Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 985-5775