Kobe Bryant & Vanessa Family Christmas Pictures

· December 24, 2012

The Bryant family is in the Christmas spirit.

Kobe, wife Vanessa and daughters Natalia and Gianna posed for some holiday family portraits. Kobe, 33, Vanessa, Natalia, 9, and Gianna, 6, were all dressed in their Christmas colors.

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  1. Umm a lil corny/cheesy…..but its all good. LOL kobe really going for the family image nowdays I see.

    **teamchocolate Xmas pictures**

    Lmfao!!! A bunch of Ho…Ho..hoes LOL

  2. WildWild says:

    Man she look good.. If he get it @ home ain’t no need to stray.. n if you do at least trade up.. but its kinda hard if you gotta good wife and mother to your children..80/20 I guess

  3. mike says:

    why is it a fail ? hes with his family taking christsmas pic i see nothing wrong with that i guess you must not be a family man or something or never toke pics with your family.

    • MoorFedayeen says:

      I love the pics. Family is what I promote-sticking around for your sons and daughters. That remark was aimed at B Queers failed joke on The Coalition. Joke was on him

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