Kobe Bryant Goes To Skid Row To Help The Homeless (Video)

· September 13, 2012

Last year, Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa started an initiative to help combat the homeless problem in LA. The mission continues for Kobe, and Bryant explained to the media why it’s such an important issue for him.

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  1. jamar says:

    the path in life sometimes has sharp curves…i was homeless not long ago….but BIG RESPECT TO KOBE for giving back.

  2. Jigwig21 says:

    Mamba strikes again. Lesson to these young bucks always out for theirs and not giving bacc. Lakeshow…Side note…i like how he ain’t say he was gon end his career wit 5 rings, we goin for 7 baby. Let’s go!

  3. wobeli says:

    Good for Kobe it’s real dark for folks on the row.

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