Mia’s finest Kimbella was recently posted in the ‘I love donks’ home grown pictures in that pink dress is this month’s XXL eye candy.Juelz wifed up Kimbella via Twitter and have been dating for a minute now. Her measurements are 34DD-26-41. Check out her XXL interview..

When did you begin modeling?

Right after I had my son, in 2002. At first I was background dancing—reggaeton and hip-hop—for DJ Sama. My first modeling gig was [posing on] Sama’s album cover. But then this agent was like, “You have to model. There’s way more money to be made.”

How was it growing up with European skin and African curves?

It was confusing for some people. When I was in third grade, this little boy said, “You need to decide what you’re gonna be, Black or White.” By the age of 11 it began. The guys were just, like, “Wow.”

So you’re really Juelz Santana’s wifey?

Yes! He’s a beautiful person. He really shows respect and cares for me a lot. You can’t find that with a lot of rappers. We’re both in the industry, so we have this mutual understanding where we support each other.

Has he ever told you to “get in the car—don’t touch nothing, just sit in the car”?

Nah. He knew better. Through one of our [texts], before we even started dating, I told him, “You need to be ready for this if this is what you want, because I’ma let you know now, I want a relationship.” Mind you, I never met this guy! [Laughs] I told him, “Look, dude, I don’t know you, but I’m looking for marriage.” —Bonsu Thompson

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  • Btsdee74

    Down right sexy!!!

  • Tony

    she’s thorough!!

  • BlackLondoner

    She must be something special cuz rapperz usually don’t take care of their own baby’s mothers let alone wifey a chick with luggage..


      thats not juelz baby mother hes just dating her her or someshit