As Gucci Mane would say “She ain’t nothing on ya”.. Blac Chyna clearly shows Kim Kardashian is going to have to step her donk game up if she wants to enter a valid “DONK OFF” battle. Yesterday the two new BFF’s were spotted in Hollywood. We’re told Kim’s sister Kourtney and Scott Disick were also present for the talks.

  • presto 2.5

    Looks like the female version of @Bob and @MoorFeen…

    Both dem niccas lay’n in tha woods right now….plotting to take over the white house…lol

    Nah…lol…but im sure they think’n of some dumbshyt as we speak…

  • Fdat

    Blacc chyna done came up in the world

    • BK85

      lol @ at Black Chyna hanging amongst the elite hoes now.

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      This chic look like a damnnnn fool ,, baby girl get a stylist and new person to do ya hair and she might want to get a surgeon to reconstruct that azzz.

  • Shizz

    i see kim got a new tag along you know she coaching her on how to get a reality show or kim mom managing tyga career…Kim’s fake ass friend no i have nothing against black chyna just stating the obvious…but i would still pile drive it tho.

  • ooo terio

    whore face looks like a zebra.

  • OSG

    Blac Chyna Sextape leaking soon on a forum near you!

  • jamarxyz

    blac china ass looks like a sack of junk.

    • BzB

      lol. word. like she carry a bunch of D batteries in her back pocket. yuck

  • Big ALbert

    Kim keeping a ugly friend around to make her look better by comparison.

  • theone

    You dudes sound feminine. Kim K is a bad chick and easily in the top 3 best dressed women in the world every year #factsOnly. Black chyna….huh, well you get what you paid for.