Kim Kardashian South Africa Bikini Pics

· October 8, 2009

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian
kim kardashian
kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian FHM magazine pictures during her south Africa vacation with Reggie Bush.

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  1. James says:

    to much photoshop…

  2. gphi says:

    Very sexy. PEACE!!!

  3. Guru51 says:

    she is ok…not the best…

  4. mandingo says:

    she don’t do anything for the mandingo

  5. Mike says:

    She’s gorgeous. Reggie Bush is a lucky man!!

  6. laker1 says:

    She ok but after all the bootylicious woman I’ve seen, like mandingo said she don’t do anything for me!

  7. nupedingo says:

    not impressed. I think she has that J-lo mystique. More than what’s deserved.

  8. pi2idie2002 says:

    to much photo shop

  9. Mike says:


    After all the bootylicious women “you’ve seen”.

    Hmm Do you compare her to other models you see in magazines or do you compare her to the women you date in real life? If Kim is only OK then you must be dating some serious bangin women cause Kim is one hot chick.

  10. Whoever says:

    That second and fifth pic is gorgeous! The first (bad photoshop, she look sick) and the last… she look regular.

  11. 901 Gangsta says:


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