Kim Kardashian Attends Mario Testino Exhibit In New York Wearing A Sheer See Through Shirt

· November 19, 2013

GOT DAMN!! Kim Kardashian was on her way to a private view of a new collection by Mario Testino. But by the looks of it, all eyes were to be on Kim Kardashian and her attention-grabbing outfit. The 33-year-old was a knockout in a sheer-top that showed off her ample cleavage.

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  1. Shizz says:

    spanx outline on back of leg above knee- definitely doing miracles from behind

  2. EazyEric says:


  3. BzB says:

    dem thangs looking real nice *pbbbbbtt*

  4. Afrika says:


  5. Quai-Quai_ 21 says:

    Big titties and a big booty, gotdammnnn!!

  6. Teegirl says:

    I bet Kim went straight to the gym after she dropped that baby and didn’t come out that bish for 30 days, 30 nights…

    She bad.

    I prefer her signature black hair though.

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