Citizens Trust, a black-owned bank in Atlanta, has seen more than 8,000 people open new accounts over five days after activist and hip-hop star Killer Mike urged black Atlantans to open up accounts at the community lender.

There’s been a “huge influx” of new customers since the rapper, who previously stumped for Bernie Sanders, name-checked the business on Hot 107.9, an Atlanta radio station, Diedra St. Julien, Citizens Trust’s marketing director, told The Post.

“This movement brought awareness to the importance of community banks, and the strength of community banks, inside the communities they support,” she said.

Killer Mike, who’s one half of the rap duo Run the Jewels, urged black Atlantans to open accounts just one day after the killing of five police officers in Dallas, and after videos surfaced of two black men killed by police in Louisiana and Minnesota.

  • truf

    This is the type of stuff that is the key to our salvation. Economic withdrawal. Why do you think Asian-America doesn’t protest or even complain? Drive through any “asian town” in your city. They have their own everything. (Some chinatowns even have their own police.)

    We criticize Politicians for ACCEPTING money from big corporations and banks, yet we GIVE more of our money to white-corporate America than any other group in America. #FACT.

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  • Mister Mister

    Economics is how you fight systematic racism

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  • Pose

    Wow… hope this continues…

  • Lee Mack

    Grace… when black folks react emotionally life goes bad moving twice as fast in the wrong direction toward M-O-N-E-Y salvation; stashed in white group trusts. White group trusts use scrupulous schemes to imitate moral capital finance allocations to satisfy all ethnic priorities in life; funded in part by black money loss to underemployed income, taxes, and recompense. Putting black money transferred from white lender control to black banks will only leave opportunity for the Federal Reserve to print that amount of money to flood the value of black banks and devalue more black held assets into liabilities to white group trusts. These acts create securitization charged to black loss money; to reallocate to the gain in interest and insurance income charged to your loss to the gain owned by white group trusts lenders; giving back to you lower future income. Hey, we know there are much better solutions to kill off the advantages of white group trusts. (Gij,j = 0)

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