Khrysti Hill’s morning thickness picture will make you instantly a morning person. If your grumpy right now scroll down and check out her picture.


Bonus Pics:

  • Waffles with extra chocolate syrup. TC where you at?

    • Queso (The Corp)

      U feeling that death stare though? Lol

      • too_funny

        naw @queso thats her “im bout to get fvck’d by @too_funny” look

        • Queso (The Corp)

          Nah that’s lookin like I just stabbed some nucca in the eye and u next look! Lol

          • presto 2.5


          • bighomie53

            LLMMFAO @Queso,, I was tryna put my finger on that look but i think you nailed it, that’s that psycho freaky if i give you some “we go together now RIGHT” look…

  • JJ

    I love Khrysti

  • too_funny

    Damn…Damn…Damn (Flo Evans voice)

    She reppin TC well n that last pic.

    Y the hell is she standing inside the wash machine in pic 6, lol

    different hairstyles always make her face look different, the main pic up top makes her look regular in the face.


      She is regular in the face….but that body ain’t regular!

      • too_funny

        @scooty but sometimes she looks alot prettier

        but with that body i would care how her face looks, well atleast 99% of the time.

  • Queso (The Corp)

    Khrysti been in my top 5 for years… Loved her since I first seen all that azz n Titties… Chick is a straight Brickhouse.

    • DonkRida

      Cmon over and join #TC @queso..

      *queso voice* “It sure is tempting Donk” lol

      • Queso (The Corp)


  • DonkRida

    Wowzers…Gotta add her to my top 5 TC honeys

    • “Wowzers”????…Wtf!!! And u call me the whiteboy smh LOL. U TC niggas don’t know who u wanna be LOL

      • DonkRida

        Lol I got that from Yeezy

  • BzB

    whoa. super thick up top and down low. slim waist line is that sh1t i like. khrysti is good look right here.

    and dude in the 6th pic doing it wrong…supposed to bend that fat rabbit over on the washing machine with spin cycle on. not put her in the washing machine. smh. lol

  • President Ward

    She cold. #WP

  • @queso,khrysti hill>>>>kyra chaos LOL….sorry homie. This girl is crazy thick,plus she got them 2liters on her(bottles) lmao!! Damn Khrysti kills any Bikini she puts on…top & bottom! That damn psychotic look she always got needs to go tho LOL

  • Realtalkin

    Bonus pic is crazy!!! Mad boobs and ass and her stomach is flat. I gotta agree though that physcotic look thats permanently on her face is scary.

    • Playboy69
      • too_funny

        “creepy” hell naw….that look is sexy too me.

        Dont be scared of a woman that stares straight into ur eyes…….just dont blink 1st

        • 1luv

          Love that stare, I have one simular to that.

        • presto 2.5

          LMFAO @2bummy…

      • Realtalkin

        Lmao @playboy i seen that vid – how can she look so good and crazy at the same time?

        • Playboy69

          @real…IT AMAZE ME!…LOL!

  • Playboy69

    @too funny….Khrysti Hill DEATH STARE = ….LMFAO!

  • TYBO2020


  • 828heffe

    That bonus pic is crucial. Body wise who is better?