Keyshia Kaoir 1 pic killa..oh kill em. I couldn’t find any other vixen to compete with Keyshia in this white outfit.

R.I.P to that D.C club she hosted that night.


  • President Ward


    • Realtalkin


  • Body looks good,but her makeup and hair are ridiculous!!!

    **tweets keisha**

    B strait @B strait
    @keisha Kaoir bitch fall back on the clown look,I’d smash that azz 4 ya tho. #nice body


  • Bob

    Killer body….horrendous and off putting fashion sense. How am I supposed to step up to a chick with blue hair? FOH. She needs to kill the overdone makeup and the gaudy fashion sense. There is a natural beauty underneath all that bullshit.

  • Keyshia been a dix easily. The overall look,only flaw is the makeup because she’s gorgeous without it. Sol Novus.

  • R0lling>Stoned

    she gassed

    • Moor#BpCoffins

      Not this time. Almost didn’t even check this post like I do with so many #Corp threads

  • RED(MGC World)

    1st pic finally a backshot…is there any pics of her just looking regular instead of looking like a member of whoville

    she’s not an ugly woman i’m just tired of the Dr.Seuss outfits

  • Newyorkvixen

    Her body ain’t look like 2, 3 years go she def got work done but it looks super good on her and she’s pretty as fuck

  • Cakes(crooked smile)

    I like the pics of her in the black dress her butt looks too heavy in the white..i agree with Newyork vixen she should have left well enough alone..

  • blizzy

    Can we get a pic of her without the colorful hair and makeup