Kevin Hart Clowning D. Wade #SwagGoneWrong

· May 14, 2013

Who clowns folks better then comedian Kevin Hart.. Dwayne Wade is the latest to feel his wrath via Twitter..

@kevinhart4real Major shout out to my man @DwayneWade for rocking my personal suit to the game LMFAO #WTFdoYouHaveOnMan #YourAnklesAreEmbarrassed #SwagGoneWrong LMFAO

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  1. Playboy69 says:


  2. hahaha nice..Heat about to 2 peat anyways so it’s whatever,that is if all goes accoding to plan(Spurs get eliminated)wish it was the Pelicans but it’s still whatever haha

  3. MoorDetroitRed says:

    F@g azz industry n1gga. Where’s your integrity? This is specifically why I seldom watch mainstream TV. Its controlled down to the gay azz cloths these n1ggas wear. The devil dressed dude.

  4. Lmao,get that nigga Kevin. A 6’3 nigga in capri’s….not even u can pull that off d wade. And he wore that bullshit in chitown,he’s knows better smh

  5. jamarxyz says:

    i cant root for weirdos….he probably got a thong on under that sh!t.

  6. REX!!! says:

    That’s that metro sexual bullshhh he’s on,smh @ his puss azz!!!

    *he need his azz kicked for this gay shhh*

  7. lazarus says:

    I can’t even defend this. My fashion sense apparently is uked up if this is Hot ish. SMDH

  8. mrdaveyd says:

    funny (WC)

  9. ginoBrown says:

    Man that sh*t is all types of wrong, and u can miss me with with all that fashion forward crap cause that still doesn’t explain the fact that this 6’4 215lb grown a** man has on a business woman suit an soft slippers…I swear between Dwade,Westbrook,Lebron,Kanye, and A$AP Rocky I cant tell who dresses more like a broad.

  10. Realtalkin says:


  11. Bone Yaad says:

    haha…this funny…

  12. blizzy says:

    now y’all know gabby is dressing this dude…. she probably got him rocking her boy shorts in the crib

  13. Cakes(what they know about) says:

    Lmaooo! picking whelks pants and on top of it he has the nerve to have skinny 3rd world country ankles!lol these stylists have it good he’s paying someone alot of money to look this bad…

  14. Southwestern says:

    This dude need to come on out the closet and get it over with. I truly think he’s wearing all this sh@t to soften the reaction when he does come out so everybody can be like ” well we weren’t too surprised, look what he wears.” After the audacity to paint his toes black let alone showcase it to the whole world, I knew 100% he was a fun boy. No amount of kids or girlfriends can possibly hide the fact.

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