Kevin Gates Speaks On The Hypocrisy Of The Black Lives Matter Movement! Thoughts?


    Of course he did. Doesn’t he profit off black stereotypes through his music? (!) He profits off the blackmans pain as much as any white man. So he has to try to discredit a movement to countiue to make his Popular music. Someone tell him its two separate issues. Poor breeds crime fool. I’m sure they have the same problems around the world in poor areas but the police issue is a different subject.

    • truf

      Exactly. Well put.

      How this clown is even relevant is beyond me – and a stain on this “generation’s” taste in hip hop.

  • BnBHP

    2 different subjects…. Tell your local Pastor in the hood that he doesn’t do anything about blk ppl killing each other. smh…. This clown will NEVER get a penny of my $$$ to support!

  • Talib

    he licks butt holes…so you know his breath smell like do do

  • bernice.osbourne

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