Lil Wayne isn’t the only celebrity having issues flying these days. ‘Keri Hilson’ fainted on a plane, but since then she made a full recovery. The singer-songwriter and also actress has had a health scare in mid-flight. She had taken to Twitter to share her very frightening ordeal.

The twenty nine year old had been on board a flight to the U.S. from China when she just all of a suddened lost consciousness. Upon waking up she was then so sick, not being able to keep food down.

“I fainted on my flight. then I threw up. I’m fine now,” Hilson wrote.

Hilson blames her health scare on a lack of sleep. “I just need real rest…haven’t had more than 3.5 hours of sleep in 48 hours,” she tweeted. Hilson is now safe and sound at her home.


  • King

    Definitely not a good look.

  • NoWhiteINmyCup

    Hope she gets better and pulls through wish mama well God bless

    On a sidenote , its sad that this is the only way she makes headlines, even ciara is getting a lil buzz these days