Kelly Rowland Shares Her Ab Workout (Video)

· June 6, 2012

Kelly Rowland reveals her go-to moves for toning and tightening her midsection with a USweekly instructional video. As we predicted a year ago everyone one is cashing in out the fitness workout game. Hopefully young African Americans can inspire there old relatives to start living healthy.



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Discussion12 Comments

  1. mr.p says:

    Now I can give props where props are due. This in my opinion is #teamchocolates top lady. Kelly Rowland is one bad chocolate sista.

  2. DCAssLuva says:

    if she had a phat azz and thighs in them blue tights this would be a great video

    • Red C.E. says:

      You simple minded ass fool her body is perfect for her size

      Toned Slim sista>>>>>ANY Name you can pull out your Rabbit’s Hat

      • Camaro says:

        Like DC said, ” if she had a phat and thighs…” I totally agree. Yes, we are men and we are simple minded. That’s why we visit this damn site.

  3. Red C.E. says:

    Kelly so Got damn Fine

  4. realtalkldn says:

    good on her, keep it up ms rowland

  5. 313Deuce says:

    they need to chill wit these workout vids cuz the only ones payin attention is the slew of women.

  6. desolation says:

    kelly aight but this screams “my pockets look kinda light or i just really need attention.”

  7. no hate says:

    Never thought of her as ‘fine,’ cuz I’m not as attracted to slimmer women, but she was ALWAYS sexy and cute. Mos def.

  8. Mister Mister says:

    Glad she ain’t go overboard with the titty implants, she’s been sexy for the past few years. I’d put her under LeToya though & of course Beyonce….don’t know many folks who count Farrah lol

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