Singer Kelis appears to have a new man. Following her split from rapper Nas – real name Nasir Jones – in April 2009 following four years of marriage and one child together, the songstress has kept her romantic exploits on the down low.

That is, until Sunday, when she was spotted strolling hand-in-hand along Venice Beach’s trendy Abbot Kinney Boulevard with a hunky mystery man.

  • Black People

    LOL! I’m done.

  • Sunshine

    He cute in a Hipster ironically dressing like a migrant Mexican worker way.

    • Black People

      Your comment is funny, sad, and outright embarrassing to black people. It’s amazing how black women and black men have no standards or qualifications when it comes to other races to date, but black men and black women have to be perfect in money, jobs, and looks in order for black people to date and get along. It’s funny about the hypocritical nature of black women to talk about black men and their love of anything non-black when black women have the same mentality. If this dude was black, black women would be calling him a derelict, and below her dating standards. Just another observation of the state of black people.

      Famous black people seem to want to be rich and famous just so other races will date them. Pathetic.

  • King

    She has that “oh sh1t, the paps are here” look in the 2nd pic…

  • Truth

    They both look like they just had sex in a house with no AC and just jumped out of bed, threw on some clothes and decided to take a stroll through NYC.

  • Jaydon

    Look like she ran for the border and snagged her one of those Obama deportees.

  • 007

    He looks like a hispanic Timothy Olyphant

  • her milkshake still brings all the boys 2 her yard…

  • Buckhead

    ^^^ bruh stop.

  • E-Dub

    Is that Special Ed?