Saturday night Keke Wyatt and Jagged Edge were in the building of The Museum Bar this past Saturday night. Keke Wyatt took the stage with her husband by her side and sung happy birthday to her homie.

  • gogetit

    Damn, Keke Wyatt is getting chunky again. She was bad as shit when she lost all that weight. By the way, this is off topic but that “Love Sosa” song by Chief Keef goes hard! Just thought Id share that.

  • Queso (The Corp)

    Was it her who stabbed up her dude on Xmas or valentines day or some shi#

    • gog

      Yep, that’s her.

    • CruiseControl

      Yeah thats for some reason mama is still sexy to me, trust if she lost thirthy pounds and got fit, she would have nyggaz fiending , she has that red bone , asisan thing going for her plus she can blow

      • She just had another baby. Believe it’s her 5th or 6th kid. New husband looks dorky & acts childish.