Keani Cochelle is stepping out the house with a new look these days.. Check out her latest headed out to the night club pictures.



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  • President Ward

    Honey bee!!

    Wolfpack Inc.

    • REX!!!

      Outstanding!!!!!!!! Stallion status

  • if she is everywhere with photoshoots,videos,and mag covers she’ll win the crown..i was riding with kyra for a while but i think somebody cuffed that lol

    • WildWild

      thank you!!!

      • welcome @wild she’s 6’1,170+ lbs,36-37-47 measurements! only chick built like that in the game.

        • bighomie53

          @Sheed,, You must have meant to say 36-27-47 because her waist can’t be bigger than her chest…

          But anyway she’s my kinna chick big & thick!!!!! #WP

  • my-my…

    MGC HomeBoy

  • wow..i could only imagine.

  • ginoBrown


  • She gotta be about 250 lbs all bullah1t aside. I like it

    • sigh…and you wonder why presto ribs you all the time lol.

    • @moor, Naw not 250lbs….I’ll give her 215-220lbs. She gained weight but its fat not muscle. I don’t think she’s 250lbs LOL

      • moor

        Well 220 aint that far offbB. Sheed too young and inexperienced to relate.

  • Playboy69

    Look like she put on more weight!…But she is still a DIME!…Keani Cochelle is impressive!

  • Keani is so damn sexy. She in my top 5.

  • Realtalkin

    She looking so good! Cant go wrong with KC

    • +1

      • Queso (The Corp)

        And 2

        • jfizzle

          Queso what up son, jfizzle here on spring break, on qtr to go, yes I need to find where the 6 ftr is partying

  • seanjohn100

    i always thought she was fat but i guess i was wrong

  • blizzy

    loves this woman need them thighs round me asap… wanna see more pics of her oiled up… .holding up a 9.5 on tha card…

  • dimpledave

    she is on the thick side

  • Southwestern

    I’d use up all my energy on her.

  • @$@kil

    she’s my kinda chick big-n-thick she my top 5