Former model turned born star Kaylee Baker aka Kaylee Kisses Homefessional Pics. Are you feeling her?

Propz Deakon


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  • Shaunyc

    7.5, 8…. Looks good in reg untouched pics, and that cnts for alot…

  • ooh wee she is nice indeed! I would holla & smash no doubt! Nice body & face, bp corp worhty!

    • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

      You mean the now defunct beautyp corp? Lmao. Hey, B, I know what role Portia has first. On the Proactive commercials. Lol



      • chico

        give it up already portia has clear skin all her camera phone pics and video prove that and i have seen her twice in person she had no bumps. fuck up people make up shit to say about portia because they cant find a flaw lmao lame as fuck

        • @terryplease

          Off subject. maliah n portia will always b my favs but temeca freeman is super bad. Top 3 right der… For now..(go fine heauxs!!)

    • pimptyght

      Hold up!!! is that Portia or Kaylee Kisses, Come on folks…lol Kaylee looks like a chick I would normally see out in public. She gets an 8, mostly for being thick and juicy.

  • jfizzle

    THe force is strong with this one!!!

  • prime706

    i give her an 8.9 she nice id smash.

  • E.

    Look for her p0rn videos. I’d Hit!!

  • ballin73

    her and a white dude? I’ll pass after the intro.

  • ballin73

    yall niggas keep supporting this ish and this will be ur daughter one day. This chick would make someone an outstanding wife if she wasn’t a prostitute.Most of our best looking women are whores aka “urban models” while a good fraction of other races beauties get married and live respectable meaningful lives that their kids won’t be ashamed of. smh

    • jfizzle

      @Ballin, dog we can’t save them. You making a judgment based on her looks, yeah she’s pretty but if she like getting smutted out on film let her be. There are plenty beautiful women out there that aren’t p0rn stars.

    • crabapples

      are you calling this bird one of our best looking women? lol

      i hear what you mean but to say that most of our fine women are whores is crazy and full of self hate. maybe you are looking in the wrong spots (skirp clubs) or fuks with the wrong ladies (skrippers). most respectable women dont even hang out in the evening for fear of having to deal with stalkers or thugs or shallow niccas who just wanna smash.

      • realtalkldn

        well said pat’naa

      • ballin73

        respectable women where are they? u must not live in the A? I work at the airport and come across thousands of females all day every day. the baddest ones are what i said thy are. I bet thugs r smashing ur ” respectable women and u too blind to see. You live in fairy tale land.btw if she such a bird why u on her page. ur herb ass would prolly pay ur whole check just to kiss her ass. I bet ur chick don’t look nearly as good if u have one. aint no self hate here Patna I live in the real world.

        • jfizzle

          @Ballin, I’m not from the A but, everytime I’ve been in the A I’ve met several professional beautiful women. So much so I was shocked because the spots I was in (house parties, corporate functions) some women just came up to me and started conversations. Bro trust and believe there are plenty beautiful respectful women out there.

    • MalleG’s

      Wow my dude, if the only good looking sisters you see are “whores aka urban models”, then I feel sad for you. Move up here to Jersey, cause you need a change of scenery for real.

  • Downbydariver

    shit i’d werk this freak….

  • Meyer Plansky

    porn stars are terrible and have no morals/walls… might smash though

  • Datmemphisboi

    A little animosity going on here!! Come on fellas… It’s just some ish that you can’t help. People are going to do and be what they want…

  • trap101

    This is a trip, I was just onm another site reading about this bird, she says that she’s at Ohio State in premed, but she wants to do porn for awhile cuz she likes the thirll…..Fluusssssshhhh!!!!! that’s the sound of your “medical career” going down thw drain.

    • jfizzle

      @trap, I tell you what dog I can see her doing a scene as a doctor and telling some dude to “cough”. I saw the same thing, she pre med and doing porn, I would have loved to be her lab partner.

    • Kahmino

      @trap101… U on point.. Lol

    • DukeCityBoi

      What a waste to be in p0rn. I guess a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Can’t hate! Good for her I guess. But you would think for someone being premed @ Ohio State would know what “Enamored” means. In one of her p0rn scenes the camera guy tells her, “I’m enamored by you.” She’s like, “Huh?! Is that a word? That’s not a word….. I’ll take it though.” Camera guy was laughing at her finally saying, “It’s a word….. I made up.” Poor thing lol. Oh well, she could always change her major.

  • When I found out she does porn now I was like damn what a waste she is tops in my opinion thick and pretty..

    • Sweer


  • Sexy, esp. pic# 8. PEACE!!!

  • 850

    What’s her porn name?

  • TYBO2020

    ..YES..I AM..

  • Real G’s Understand

    I happen to know Kaylee personally, and she’s a good ass person. Fucks with sports, likes to kick it, all that. Just thought y’all should know since y’all tryin to guess what she’s like.
    Oh, and she’s (even) colder in person.

  • jdarko82