Kayce Kat’Suz returns with some new headed to the club pictures and more.. She also goes by the name of French Kiss and you can find her in the clubs of Miami. Here is a older post of her in case you missed it.


  • 8.5

    • wobeli

      That’s a fair score, her and Mia all day @Pres.

      • wobeli

        Hey @Pres I still have Angelic Ramos as the rookie of the year, but I might need to add Kayce to the rookie list.

        • presto 2.5

          ^^…”Smart Man”

          Vote MegaCorp’s Angelic Ramos for ANS Rookie of tha Year

          • wobeli

            she’s the truth @presto 2.5

  • BzB

    pretty chick…thighs and cakes looking right. a lil light up top but we can work it out

    • queso (The Corp)

      yea she cool..that azz is inconsistent in clothes though..makes u think what she really working wit when it comes off.

  • she good to go.

  • LouieV

    She looks my wife no bs

  • LouieV


  • MoorFedayeen


  • Realtalkin

    she very good to go, cant fault much here

  • NoWhiteINmyCup

    Something about her , i like, she aint a dime, but crazy thing is that i would pick her over a dime, i just like her look and vibe, she sexy and get the approval from the kid.

    9 piece but certified stamped and approved

  • damnshame

    oooh yea that azz look 100% usda approved…9

    • Mister Mister

      Yes, bonus points for being blessed naturally.

  • RunTellDat


  • 206dee

    She’s coo nice body nothing spectacular

  • wobeli

    She looks a bit like Melanie Fiona in that top pic, overall she has a nice look to me. Her and Mia in the second pic in all black everything, is the pic I like the most.

    • oh snapple! just realized that was mia bunny lol. president ward chick.

      • wobeli

        Yeah @Rasheed Lateef I did a doubletake, and wondered why she looked familiar.

  • Downbydariver

    Body rite….i’d werk…

  • tyuaza


  • Red_Corp