Kathy Ferreiro Is Stupid Dumb Thick

· September 29, 2012

If you had to describe Kathy Ferreiro body in three words it would stupid, dumb thick. But unfortunately the age old saying “Never trust a big bu** and a smile” is true in this case.

According to The Dirty:

This leech jumps from sugar daddy to sugar daddy. Shes the Biggest slore around Miami she is her own ‘escort’ goes around with old men she doesn’t know and sleeps with them for pocket change. Picking up any guys that look like they have money. The truth is going to knock her on her fake bu** implants. Compulsive liar.


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  1. desolation says:

    this chick got a body that could stop a bull from charging. cant even try to front but she sound like she’s trash.

  2. LouieV says:

    I guess fake asses are acceptable now.

    • a55town says:

      yep, right along with fake gold, fake gucci, and fake Jordans.
      There is list if very small of authentic things nowadays….IMO

      • Mister Mister says:

        The shyts ridiculous, these women are competing amongst each other & will do anything to get ahead. Leave it up to thirsty bammas feeding all this shyt too, that’s why these females do it.

  3. a55town says:

    Where did she come from?

  4. Deedog says:

    Damn! Speechless

  5. Deedog says:

    I won’t lie i’ll shake the dice and hit it raw fuk it!

    • DonkRida® says:

      Cmon dawg! You didn’t read the article? This broad is not even smash worthy in my opinion. She look good tho

      • MoorFedayeen says:

        Yea you trippin with that comment brah. Anyone with a fake azz is more then likely a sex toy for all who have clout, cash or both. Body is hella nice tho..can’t lie. She look like one of A Pimp named Slick Back’s h0es off “The Boondocks” cause everything so perfect.

        • presto 2.0 says:

          punkazz nicca…

          “Dont ever speak to me on this site”…cant believe you told me that…your offically my bytch

          prest has eliminated all of Tc…they all wear panties now

          Still Bp Bytches

  6. dead as fuck says:

    kath is cool and stop lying b1tch aint that easy ask bow wow and drake about her lmaoooo

  7. Lazarus says:

    this is what you call (fools gold). Fugaze fam. KNown for sukin dik in the black drop. She’s basically a welcome to Miami jump-off. I don’t knock anyone hustle. You better get your paper up before fukin wit that. Frame is stupid, but as i said, Fools gold. She would service the whole wolfpack @Scooty too, for a bottle of Ciroc and 2 L’s. On My word.

    • Queso BP.1 says:


      • presto 2.0 says:

        +2…but yall kno prest…”Money is only a resource to get what YOU want in lyfe…and i’d throw a couple dollars to smash…cause the bodyz bonkers

        who gives a shyt if shes out there…prest aint tryn to wyfe

        **Prest after session**…”Moneyz on the counter ma…kick rocks”

        **@Donk after session**…”Why you leavin baby…lets cuddle”

        • DonkRida® says:

          ^^^ Yo nasty azz lol

          • presto 2.0 says:


            “It is what it is fam”

            punkazz @Moor…jus wanted to get that in…”nicca’s startin to act like a byatch!”


            nicca said dont speak to him no more like a chick…LMFAO!!!!!!!

          • lazarus says:

            You sir, have BIG pharoah shaped issues. Killed me wit the kick rocks, thats classic ish. LMBAO

  8. BzB says:

    some of those pics are so chopped it ain’t even funny

  9. Birdman202 says:

    I’m cool on the fake body parts,, you might as well smash a blow up doll #teamnoenhancements

  10. That’s a dude. WAKE THE HELL UP!!

  11. Realtalkin says:

    hmmm idno

  12. Menot says:


  13. R.E.D.BP Monopoly says:

    I don’t think that’s a real woman……..Btch look like Shawn Michaels in the face

  14. TYBO2020 says:

    “IS IT REAL??..OH MY GOD!!”

  15. PapiChulo says:

    Southbeach on a regular night full of broads like this

    TruStory on errrrrything about 6 years ago down in MIAMI me , terell owens, yes T.O and about 5 other n.ggaz was starring in the grocery store a a biiiitch that looked just like her, this was right when that brazilian butt shiiit started to pop off.

    fake or not a n.gga would smash and have fun on her like a trampoline

  16. Sohated313 says:

    She is thoroughbred thick/beautiful/one of a kind dime…

  17. Camaro434 says:

    Thick is thick, fuck it. She good to look at. Just don’t hit it raw.

  18. fanko maxamillion says:

    thats some old create a player ea sports type bitch but I’d cut i just have to get her out the down town mia condo before the real owners get back.

  19. Mike says:

    Damnnn but fellas, we might as well just give it up on what’s real and what’s fake and go with the flow. At least she looks good.

  20. bob says:

    hell yeah she look , good eh I lost my morals a long time ago , I would hit , just would not go in raw

  21. Kathy escort says:

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    Breast implants done twice
    Fake teeths
    Hair laser removal (legs,armpits,vagina)
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    Hips injections

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