Kat Stacks Exposes Juelz Santana

· February 9, 2013

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Former groupie of the year Kat Stacks is officially back and Juelz Santana is her first victim.

In Kat Stacks latest video she takes revenge on rapper Juelz Santana for writing nasty comments on her Instagram page.

Apparently Juelz made jokes about Kat Stacks getting slapped up in Atlanta that time, so Kat revealed that Julez once licked video model Jenna Shea’s bu**.

I don’t how bad you are.. ain’t no azz eating going down round here.

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  1. Realtalkin says:

    Her antics are tired!! All this he say she say ‘ish is for kids

    @Hahz me too! That sh*t is straight up nasty!

  2. Lmao she didn’t learn her lesson I see…as for eating booty uh..that’s TC thing. Where’s presto when you need him hahaha

    • presto 2.5 says:

      tongue all inda booty azz niccas!…LMAO!

      Top lip smell’m like azz allday…but they like dat type shyt…to each his own…you fowel azz negros!

  3. desolation says:

    this rat b1tch still aint learned sh1t. its truly sad what some ppl will do to get attention.

  4. goldie says:

    da phuck she chewing that gum like that?!

  5. williedynamite says:

    lol…thats some good azz gum

  6. MoorFedayeen says:

    Not my n1gga Juelz. Not even in his pedigree to eat azz let alone a random h0e. I see Katt feelin herself again. She just don’t learn or better yet she returning to all she knows and that’s h0eing. Sorry for her kid

    • Shiid @moor, never try to vouch for another niggas bedroom pedigree LOL. I’ve heard some wild stories from some older “players” that I never would’ve imagined. Juelz may me salad tossin homie…..just sayn!!

      • presto 2.5 says:

        werd!…Foh @MoorFeen sound’n like a damn groupie…”My nicca Juelz”?……nicca Juelz dont kno yo punkazz…”Not in his pedigree”?…How lame is that speaking bout another man?…lol

        what another nicca does in tha sack…MGC gives 2 shyts about…and i’ll hit the quote again….

        “Shawty wanna tell me secrets bout a rap nicca….I tell a bytch its more attractive when you hold it down” – Drizzy Drake Rogers

  7. Big ALbert says:

    He obviously is one of Jenna’s “clients”. Any rich/ famous guy that pays for sex is hustling backwards. I thought one of the main perks of being a celebrity was the random pu$$y getting thrown your way. And these niccas is out here paying for these broads. I’ve never payed for pu$$y a day in my life….and I’m not rich or famous.

  8. WHOD says:

    this is nothing new Jenna said this herself as did Kelly Divine there’s a vid with them on the radio saying this they both claim Juelz ate the booty like he was in prison..look it up on youtube!

  9. Big P says:

    This bitch again??!?!!!

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