Yeezy called out Sway and Charlamagne during his #YeezusTour Penn State stop.

“Shut the f*ck up…..Charlamagne, Sway”

Sway been putting in work longer then 10 years, not sure about Charlamagne.. but a majority of the time on The Breakfast club he needs to shut the f*ck Up.

  • MoorThugRelated

    Nigga on another rant while wearing another skirt.

  • Cakes(overtime)

    Kanye is soooo disrespectful walking around with “glory” on him and these idiots still pay to watch him, worship him from down below..the day lightning strikes I suggest the sheep stand back..oh and I would love to hear his answer to the same question because it will be a whole lot of nothing,just tantrums, theatrics and foolery

    • tHe kiD fRanKiE

      You just wake up hatin huh?

      • Cakes(overtime)

        Lol is little Lamb Chop upset?? Like I said Kid just dont stand too close to the stage

    • BzB

      @cakes…look at who mostly attends his shows. that should say a lot…

      • Cakes(overtime)

        Lol Bzb like Rasheed he’s always chanting yeezus, yeezus like he’s possessed or something

  • tHe kiD fRanKiE

    Lol I’m going to da show tonite!!!


  • BzB

    give kanye a box of tissues. crying azz cornball. he had a chance to state his beef on the breakfast show, but i guess he had on his kardashian pants that day and acted like a sissy. then he get on sway show and tried to buck up on a guy who was his friend before ye went on his euro fashion hipster hop trash. when sway checked his azz he got back in his lane. now he get on stage and want to talk sh1t instead of face to face? foh

  • Yeahisaidit

    LMAO man I this dude does all this for attention PLUS he a COWARD doing all that loud talking on SWAY cause he NICE till sway actually TURN UP BOUT TO KNOCK HIM OUT he shut up. Then KANYE WEAK ASS went to the breakfast club with CHARLAMAGNE and did not turn up CAUSE he knew that nigga CHARLAMAGNE would ROAST him. SWAY done been cool with PAC before so WHO DA F**K this lame CRYBABY think he is? HE do that sh1t to REAL n1ggas they gone EXPOSE HIS ASS! “IM FROM CHICAGO” n1gga PLEASE you get yo ass BEAT UP dont care where you from PLUS n1gga YO WEAK ASS wasnt no GOON in chicago, N1GGA you was IN SCHOOL DOING BEATS, YOU DONT GET NO STRIPES FROM OTHER N1GGAS PUTTIN IN WORK JUST CAUSE YOU LIVE IN THE SAME CITY? This N1GGA a f@#king JOKE THEN HE GO marry that WEAK minded B1TCH cause HE AINT MAN ENOUGH for a STRONG ONE this b1tch sucking D1CK ALL ON THE NET, YOU WIFE THAT? THis n1gga last CD was a WEED PLATE FOREAL shit had 1 good song then he F**KED THAT up with the video! N1GGA WEARING SKIRTS talking SH*t LMAO OHH it a kilt LOL WHAT, N1GGA YOU AINT IRISH! MAAAN GO KILL YA SELF you making JAY Z LOOK BAD!

  • YEEZUS,YEEZUS,YEEZUS. I wanna relive that Houston show again,the greatest night of my life.

    • LouieVtheKING

      Yessuh. He had Chicago on fire!!!!!!

  • 2020

    He didn’t say sh1t to Sway was about to debo him

    • MoorThugRelated

      Real rap! You wait to leave and weeks pass then talk ish. Sway was finna “cut the mics” off and take him to the backyard. Kanye takes another L

  • mo

    Tired of his crazy temper tantrums

  • Bird

    Nigga is on his period…..

  • MGC Red(#Winny2014)

    He such a feminine ass nigga

  • Reverand Sanford

    He needs his azz beat.

  • Mister Mister

    He can roll up on cats like papparazzi & scream on stage, but I’d doubt he’d approach a real cat like that.