Kanye West was outraged that Kris Jenner showed TODAY anchor Matt Lauer a photograph of his daughter North West, RadarOnline.com has been told.

There is no love lost between the rapper and the famed NBC interviewer after West’s 2010 “brutal” interview during which producers showed a clip of former President George W. Bush sharing his pain at West calling him a racist for his response to Hurricane Katrina.

So when girlfriend Kim Kardashian‘s momager promised to show Lauer a picture of her granddaughter, the 36-year-old got very riled up behind-the-scenes, an insider revealed.

Kanye became

“absolutely apoplectic with anger because he hates Matt,” the source said.

“Kanye he felt extremely disrespected and insulted by Matt and the direction the interview took in 2010…He was outraged and disgusted that Kris showed Matt a picture of Nori and he is now refusing to speak to her.”

Adding further stress to the pair’s already contentious relationship is Jenner’s ongoing persistence that baby North West make her public debut on her new talk show.

During Lauer’s interview with Jenner, he asked, “You’ve got a tool at your disposal and I want to know right now if you are going to use it. Are there plans in the first week of this show to reveal either photos of the new granddaughter North or perhaps a walk on from Kim, Kanye and North?”

“Well while that’s ambitious, that would be fun,” she told Lauer. “I think you’re just going to have to wait and see and tune in because I’m not sure exactly what’ s going to happen.”

After Kris’ interview was finished, “Kim called her mother, at Kanye’s direction, telling her not to show any pictures she had of Nori to anyone. Kim was freaking out because Kanye was so angry. Kris just blew her off and promised she wouldn’t.”

  • Cakes(shake responsibly)

    If this is true bc you know that family is famous for a setup.. i hope they dont drive Kim to a nervous breakdown..grandma is going to need to learn her role and respect Kimye’s decisions regarding the baby

    • Greg4422

      it’s a grandma’s God given right to show people pictures of her grand baby…lol

      • Cakes(shake responsibly)

        Not if grandma is a fame whore money monger..i think they should just show a pic and just get it over with and ppl will see her and move on to the next news story but i totally understand because people are so disrespectful and mean spirited they will even bash a baby

        • ginoBrown

          @cake Everyone in that family is a self absorbed fame whore, including Kanye so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just another publicity stunt.

  • Greg4422

    Kanye get over yourself…this negro is going crazy

  • jamarxyz

    I think all of this drama that surrounds the Kardashians are well planned out…this is what they do for a living..they create drama to stay in the headlines…the mom is a strait hustler at all costs…if these people had to live a normal life,they would rather kill themselves.

  • 828jeffe

    +1. Things that people who aren’t famous consider normal the Kardashians turn into a profit. If he don’t want his child in the spotlight then she should respect it. Matt Laurer ain’t the only person who has seen the pic. She has probably shopped around for the highest bidder.

    • Greg4422

      he don’t run shit…he’s just a baby daddy…legally he don’t even have rights…he needs to go to court to establish paternity…before the court recognizes him as the father

  • Carlito

    This is the one girl that Kris Jenner shouldn’t be able to pimp out like all the rest of her daughters. Kanye better make that clear to her!

    • jamarxyz

      +1000…..moms is a straight pimp and a hustler.@Carlito

  • Kanye got issues