Kanye West Falls On Stage In Norway

· August 10, 2011

Kanye West falls on stage at a concert in Bergen, Norway at the 1:12 mark.

  • kool-guy

    is this when it all falls down? lol

  • http://atlnightspots.com B strait up

    lol,happens to everybody I guess,since his swagger is mick jagger I know he sayn….*jerome from martin voice*…..”im too smooth to be embarrassed”….lol

  • Southwest

    Why it take so long for my nugger to get up? He need a life alert. And how about the whole Norweigan crowd reciting “My N$&@a Dead!”

  • realtalkldn

    lool this shit happens to all of them but it still is funny everytime

  • Geezas

    Is Norway Cursed or something????? Damn!!! This pass year I’ve heard more about Norway than I have heard in my entire Life…..

    • Ryder

      It just might be.Looks like “Superstars” make mistakes too.

  • Meyer Plansky

    Damn…he shoulve died while he was at it…somebody needs to murder this clown and a bunch of other rappers

  • Vinny Idol


    • ballin73

      prolly cause he’s due for the ultimate fall if he doesn’t repent…ijs

      • realtalkldn


  • http://www.myspace.com/gphi2007 gphi

    It’s jus’ good that he got up & jus’ kept performing. PEACE!!!