Kamille Leai aka Hot Wings Lloyd Video That Got Her Fired Up

· July 8, 2011

Check out Kamille Leai aka Hot Wings like you never seen her before (literally) in Lloyd’s new “Getting Naked” video doing just that. Apparently Kamille wasn’t expecting the final video to be uncut.Do you believe her?

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  • http://www.myspace.com/gphi2007 gphi

    I really does read to me like this was done behind her back. PEACE!!!

  • presto

    …somebody tell this chick to be easy….it was just alittle tit shot…didnt she do the whole vid buckked naked??

    • presto

      her avatar pic shows just as much….

  • http://atlnightspots.com 850Cane

    Girl stop crying u knew this all was going to happen. If you expose urself like this on a reality T.V show just to get some fame and exposure then that’s on you. But I love the video thou u have a sexy azz body sweetie don’t get mad ur fixin to get some real T.V time now. I think I smell a law suit coming on u Lloyd.

    • MoorFedayeen

      BASICALLY! lol! Wtf you expect??? You knew how dirty the game was before you came to play. A cat like myself wouldn’t let that pass me up if she was giving but her body aint nothing to harp about. It’s a 7 naked and an 8.5 wit the skin tight gym attire on. I was a lil disappointed.

      • moorfedayeen

        “Reel Bandits” lol! F#ck u expect from n*gas that call themselves bandits???

        • nowthatspcp

          well damn, u say u was disappointed…I felt she looked good, not the thickest persay but nice n petite

          • http://atlnightspots.com 850Cane

            I agree Pcp she had my attention. She looked real good with the gym clothes on. She had my mouth watering up. But @ Moore she didn’t move you homie? Sh$% she moved me I gave her some good points for doing this lol. I give her a 8.5 she’s straight to me.

          • moorfedayeen

            Prob was them tatts covering the goods but I still gave her higher then an 8 so u know I like her.

          • http://Atlnightspots.com 850cane

            I like them and u know what she has a video on videos.com an she’s bitching about this? Hummmmmm no further questions. @Moore I think the tarts are sexy.

  • crabapples

    Isn’t this what the judicial system is for? how does putting your drama on twitter help your case? close twitter and call a lawyer dummy.

    • slydog

      she will not call a lawyer because what she says is not true. that’s why she going to twitter to trash dudes reputation. Ladies: If YOU dont want to be portrayed a certain way, then don’t first portray yourself sexually in the first place, IMPLIED OR EXPLICIT. she both dumb and beautiful. the nudity will get her paid more.

      • crabapples

        how are you so certain that she’s lying?

        either way, i dont really care… but i wouldnt just automatically assume she is lying about not authorizing nudity.

        you sound like a misogynist.

        • slydog

          if u dont want to be seen nude, then do not get naked. she knew that beforehand. she just has a conscience about it nowm after the fact. she should not have put herself in that position in the first place…period. now i believe she is lying because she would not tweet it, she would handle this first with them behind closed doors, then get a lawyer and a quick settlement, case closed. thats how the game is played. who knows what she did just to get in the video in the first place.

          • presto

            ….good point @slydog

  • slydog

    typical chick. they give up some on the first date just to try it out, then tell the next fool i’m not that way or i do not want to be portrayed that way. So if I dress up in drag in a video, no one supposed to at least THINK i swing that way…lmfao… she is a liar and wants to be shameful after the fact.

  • Will

    It’s possible she didn’t know, but it is just as possible she didn’t read her contract which most likely stated could show the video the way they did…I’m not even sure how you could have a “Gettin’ Naked” video without some nudity??? Oh well, maybe you shouldn’t have done the video at all…then it’s a non-issue…

    P.S. Skeet! Skeet!

    • slydog

      remeber when your folks would tell you to not put yourself in uncomfortable positions? maybe, just maybe if she did not get BUTT NAKED, this would not happen.

  • G 26’s

    hot wing’s sexy as fuck,but what’s up with all the tat’s

  • Buuurrrdddeee

    cant trust a dude/company named Reel Bandits, they lived up to their name (allegedly)

  • http://sohh.com RealBanditz

    Stop trying to besmirch our good name
    and standing in the industry hoe.
    you are a rabbits heartbeat away from p0rn
    anyway so enjoy the video and shut the F#$% up!
    you got a little attention sucking off a closet
    homosexual on vh1!
    kill ya self b#$%!
    we gone release footage of you suckin and
    f#$%^ now hoe!

    nas loss…

    • http://t-top.tumblr.com mr.portcity


    • http://Atlnightspots.com 850cane

      Dang y’all went ham on her. Please drop the videos homie lol.

  • larry2

    its not bad compared to some i’ve seen. It was done in good taste from what i can see. Plus she knew it would be use because she would have never put herself out there like that. Mommi enjoy the ride…you have just started a trend….lol

  • ginoBrown

    I don’t really give a damn about whatever she is complaining about, but she does look good naked.

    • http://Atlnightspots.com 850cane

      Co-sign to that Gino.

      • fotochopp

        i agree…

  • Mr Nice Guy

    There’s no way, she could have taken both a shower scene and tub scene and figured the dude would have edited all of her nude shots, the video would have been 20 seconds. Wangs, you may be back in the game now and you’ve definitely given me a reason to cop that Lloyd joint. ;-)

  • http://t-top.tumblr.com mr.portcity

    Its world starr they don’t do anything for art and u had to know that before u got naked…everything over there is hardcore and raunchy so why wud u think u were gonna b different

  • sw.atl.made

    tell her to go back on judge joe brown like last time when her grand ma sued her …lmao

    • sw.atl.made

      or was it the other chick?so hood i dont remember but like yall said if you dont want no nudity dont take your clothes off on set

  • Dante Fiero

    I understand why she is upset from a business stand point but she should have not went to twitter like that it just makes you seem less professional. If they violated the contract she should have just kept quiet and took them to court.

  • sw.atl.made

    ONE more thing how is this REALLY suppose to be a Lloyd video and LLOYD aint on it but its on worldstar? looks like a WSHH Honey Video to me and now she frontin

    • slydog

      true… i didn’t see that… good point

  • Shizzarp

    Look at the end of the day you knew it was a chance for the unedited copy to be released regardless of them editing a version, that happens when you do nude shots or videos, (Im still waiting for the link to the Erykah Badu unedited release lol) but back to the video, I knew her but now i wish i had some ranch dressing for those Hot Wings…lmao!!!

  • http://atlnightspots.com mike gam

    She Knew what she was doing!! All she wants is some attention! If she did not she would have not took off her damn clothes!! trick Please.. Get Naked and shut The hell up!!!

  • YeahISaidIt

    Since when does an attention whore not want attention a being depicted as whore?! I don’t believe you…you need more people. #kanyeshrug

    And she looks decent now but when she get old she gonna look like a clown with all them tats

  • showYouKnow1


  • mr.justinian

    Women kill me if u don’t wanna be portrayed a certain way why are ur cloths off in the first place….. so u would get necked in front of the camara man but not for tv that crap don’t make no sense…. stop crying and consider this to your portfolio…..

  • fotochopp

    WOW… it is a very nice video..(wheres the rest of it? meaning where is LLoyd) BUT, there are two issues here that doesnt add up.
    Ive been out of the video and photo game for a while but 1) you MUST get your self in writing what you are portrayed to do..PERIOD!… 2) you MUST have an agent or manager that knows (IF) there is nothing contracted for full nudity REGARDLESS …those parts are to be covered up anyway (it didnt look like she put up must to cover IF its not to been seen). should have used breast petals, top hats or even special panties that cover those not-to-been-seen areas…
    its obvious who had more power in the contract signed (publishing vs privacy). This is probably a mistake that will never happen again… BUT…This can be easily made into lemonade for her in the future, just be professional about it even if they didnt concur with the contract.

  • DUH

    COMMON SENSE!!!!!!!!! You’re claiming you didn’t expect to be SEEN naked but you SHOT THE VIDEO NAKED!?!?!?!? How ignorant is that. You don’t need experience in this industry to NOT get naked if you don’t want to be seen NAKED. No disrespect Kamille… but I really hope and pray that you’re not that naive.

  • DUH

    AND if they did you “so wrong” why do you follow them on Twitter? lol… like for real… if they really did her so dirty, I’d imagine she would want nothing more to do with them.