Kacey Dozier Favors Keisha From The 90’s Group Total

· February 21, 2013

Kacey Dozier got that 90’s group Bad Boy Total thang going on.. Old heads remember how Total had the game on lock for a quick minute. When “Can’t you see” came on in the club everyone used to turn up.

Assist – Rasheed

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  1. Realtalkin says:

    She looks good w/ short and long hair. Not alot of girls can say that

  2. REX says:

    UM,which one is she they all look the same?????

  3. Naw @hahz keisha from total got this chick beat. I remember seeing keisha when her & total came to my highschool in my freshman or sophmore year. They took a tour of the school & then came in the lunchroom and keisha had all the dudes pumped up LOL. But I’d smash kacey tho,she’s decent

  4. me says:

    she has pretty skin.

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