Before K.Michelle became a cast member on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta she graced the pages of Vibe magazine for a bikini photoshoot. Some other random facts about the se*y singer are Michelle Pate aka K. Michelle signed to Jive records in 2008. She graduated undergrad on a scholarship for yodeling from FAMU. Her musical influences are Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, and Tammi Terrell.
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3:10 mark

  • PaPiChulo

    too much potoshopping, only one im feeling on the show is ARIANE , mimi friend the one that you rarely see

  • Jamez

    u postin duplicates bro

  • wobeli

    2nd pic is fiyah. She’s a dope chick.

  • scootyblack

    Ok ok looking good

  • Sohated313

    She lookin on point. I thought her ass was a little bigger then that though.

  • Damn she is bangin’!!


  • MoorFedayeen

    Lil Mama?

  • DCAssLuva

    phat in the 1st pic i havent noticed k michelle azz until i watched the show monday and her azz came on the tv in a red dress i was like “HELLO!!!!” who is that ? lol

  • Fresh718

    I wanna see some current bikini pics her azz is way bigger now,These old ones are cool though.

  • realtalkldn

    not bad

  • donnie mitchell

    She is a talented woman and deserves to shine

    • Mister Mister

      But she’s crazy as shyt….I’d want to smash & dash, but I’d be afraid of my tires getting slashed lol

  • At the end of the day it has to get smashed lol I agree that ass gotta get smashed lol

  • 206dee

    Bangin body thick ass

  • high stakes

    I will love to spend time with Ms. K Michelle