“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” K. Michelle can’t go wrong in a bikini swim suit. She recently took a trip to Miami for a mini vacay.

“I loooove Miami! I’m about to pull out my studio equipment when I leave my friends and write,” said Michelle. “I’m happy,” she later added.

The singer has been working hard with performances, she recently performed her first sold-out show in California.



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  • ballzdeepigo

    Damn K bonus pic got me as a fan now.

    • F.B.I. (female body inspector)


      • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

        Team Chocolate inductee!

        • R.E.D.BP Monopoly

          Sorry to inform you @MaleBootyInspector but K Michelle is BP Corp

          • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

            You musta bumped your gay arse head, Red!

  • Scola

    She in my top 5

  • queso BP.1


  • R.E.D.BP Monopoly

    Bonus Pic……..Yeah she can definitely get it

    • Realtalkldn


      • MoorFedayeen

        Yea that bonus made it all worth it but not in the pool with kids though.

        • DCAssLuva

          +2 on MOOR comment yeah cover that azz up if u around kids no thongs around kids

          • presto 2.0

            “dont listen to @Moor…he lets his daughter wear thongs to tha pool….and shes 13″…lmfao!

          • MoorFedayeen

            Prest, what kind of “To Catch a Predator” azz nicca is you with a weird comment like that? You managed to be pedo, lame and unfunny all at the same time.

          • presto 2.0

            wtfever nicca…”you mad at prest?”

            the joke was on unfit parenting…unfit meaning you…

            what happen to you @Moor…your gettin soft…lol

  • i dropped my burger when i saw the bonus pic

    • joed


  • @Wolfpack, yall welcome LOL

    • Realtalkldn

      Lol i see you B!!!!!

      • She’s a lil rough around the edges but I’d damn sure take a swing at her lil azz

  • What’s up good epople? damn, TC got a badd one.

  • ^^^I meant people^^^

    • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

      You know it, P.W., those BP clowns are delusional.

  • 206dee

    That body is on point smashin most definitely

  • RunTellDat

    She tight. She got that round-the-way-girl look with some assets to go with it. The fact that dat azz is real gets a +1 from me.

    • PapiChulo

      Dont know bout her azz being real bra, from what homie said, her ex he said he bought her azz, tits, tummy tuck and all and she didnt deny it either, i think she said thats all she got out of 2million dollars that and one hit song.

      She nic and she can sing and nice to see her getting her 15 mins of fame but getting tired of hearing bout her being beat down, it seems suspect because she does not come off to be a weak female at all so to sit there and get beat for years with the mouth she has on her doesnt add up

  • rundat

    Ohhhhhhhh, thats why all those dudes broke-bread with her, dat AZZ….R.Kelly, Mase, Memphitz, Antonio Tarver, etc etc etc

    • PapiChulo

      lol basically

  • Sohated313

    She has a nice juicy ass!

  • TYB02020

    WHO’S BOOTY??..

  • Mister Mister

    Phat azz, I would definitely hit. But gezzus that broad is a headache

  • judge joe brown

    Sooooo…none of u ni99@s goin to say anything about how she cant swum and got floatation devices around her arm with a freakin drink in her hand…lol..kill urself..grown azz drinks and kiddies floatation devices dont mix in a photo…kill

    • #blinded by the azz

      • DCAssLuva

        hell i cant swim either i just dont go to the beach or pool atleast she got in the water all these azz models go to the beach or pool TOO JUST TEASE NINJAS


        idk if u noticed but most black ppl cant swim

    • R.E.D.BP Monopoly

      I don’t care if she can’t swim….I’m tryna swim in her Pool

    • presto 2.0

      she jus tryn to be cute…”like @Moor walkin around with a Magnum in his pocket…knowing he cant fit it”…lol

  • wobeli

    Maaan she’s has a nice bonus pose, K is my fave off L&HHA easily.

  • Mr Nice Guy

    I knew that bonus was serious! Omg!

  • Mr Nice Guy

    Swim!! Sidddd she ain’t drowning! Her as can float for weeks!

  • It’s like that K? Ok ok

  • goldie

    That bonus pic is the truth…question is why would she wear that to what looks like a public pool? Kids in the water and all…not that I’m complaining tho

  • wobeli

    K was killin that gray dress towards the end of finale

  • DCAssLuva

    bonus pic right click save azz and im out of here thats what i came here for!!!! beautiful!!

  • 313Deuce

    bonus pic yes lawd

  • edog

    bonus pic did it

  • QuaiQuai_20

    When I look at the bonus pic, I would be like “Damn!!!”.

  • Kimmy J.

    She looks good.
    I love her in the blue.

  • chopped&screwed

    Bonus pic is photoshopped

    • Sw618

      Below her shoulder the pic looks cut off, and her complexion is different too, from the shoulder down.

      But whoever a s s it is, it’s on point

  • Mike V

    Bonus picture is obviously photoshop…. yall ni*ggas is stupid…. the top half and bottom half of the picture isnt even the same quality FOH

    • how do you photoshop a camera phone picture?

      • Mike V

        its obviously photshopped dude…. look at the picture the background doesnt even look like the same picture…

    • realtalkldn