JR Smith is something like a pimp when he isn’t sporting his Knicks jersey. This is the dude who showed us Tahiry’s donk in bed and told K.Michelle he was going to the bathroom and walked out the night club on here.. It doesn’t get any colder. JR Smith got the text of the day ti*le with with convo with a groupie.

That same fine ass girl he is talking greasy to is being chased by guys willing to do anything for her. That’s just how the game goes playa.


  • Big ALbert

    This guy is a moron. He had all the talent in the world but he chooses to be lazy and a terrible team player. He almost made the all star team this year but realistically he could’ve already been one of the top players in the league if just stopped being a screw up. I’m not gonna celebrate this.niccas ability to sleep with groupies that’ll fucc anybody and D-list.celebrities. Any nicca with a little bit of fame could pull them hoes.

    He needs to get off of social networking sites and stop starting beef with people then maybe , just maybe the Knicks can get out of the 1st round or win a championship that they haven’t won since 73′.

    • Mitch_rapp

      + 1 well said

  • MoorFedayeen

    Yea Al you make some points but in a world of simping rappers and athletes its refreshing to see a cat doing ’em like he should be and that’s smashing & passing them smuts.

    • Murder

      Exactly that’s how you do that treat a hoe like a hoe this was bosh wife a couple years back

      • MoorFedayeen

        HAHAHAAH Good point. This actually was Bosh’s wife not long ago. We see the difference in these 2. JR on his j.o. and I respect that. Never hear no simp ish about him

  • truthspeaker

    This dude is just playing the game exactly how you should, pretty women are oppurtunists so he’s just giving them a taste of their own medicine.

    • Realtalkin


  • jamar

    who puts these texts all over the planet…social media is a monster…give me my privacy.

    • comes with the territory fam. thanks to instagram,twitter,napster,etc it’s opened…and closed doors for people.

  • Old Skool quote

    You see I made up my mind when I was 17
    I ain’t with no marriage and a wedding ring
    I be a player for life so where’s my wife?
    Probably at the rehab stuck on the pipe
    Cause she must be smoking and I’m not joking
    Too Short baby comin’ straight from Oakland
    Got way mo’ bichs than I ever need
    I put that on a big fat bag of weed

    Too Short

  • LD

    To the first poster…what has jr do to screw up? He just banging these groupies…that’s all. As for his bbal he is the second leading scorer off the bench and if Ny is to get outta second round that will be on melo and amare….not on a guy who does not start…..stop hating on the man pimpin skills…

  • Marcus

    I like how yall cats on her are acting like dude aint putting sh1t in these hoes pockets they know what they doing they not f@#king dude for free he aint sh1t on the court shit if it wasnt for them slavery shoes he mad or social media we wouldnt know sh1t about dude yall just see it from one side