Michael Jordan’s youngest kid, Jasmine Mickael Jordan, is a junior now at Syracuse University. The 20-year-old daughter of the NBA legend, who goes by @MickiJae on Twitter, is looking real grown these days. She is still dating Scoop Jardine he would be a fool to let her go.



  • RED(Corp)

    Not bad

  • @bob, Chuck Taylors better than jordans!!! The ewing kicks better than jordans too!!

    Jerry stackhouse>>>>>>Michael Jordan

    Mj daughter is nice looking tho…I’d smash her with a pair of iversons “the answers” on lol

    *miguel leg drops @bob*


    • Bob

      Get off my dick and get a life. You are a sad dude.

      • Must be this niggas bday today^^^….he really feeling himself.

        @Bob aka “mike Jordans lover”

  • Aye @hahz, how come the forum be having all the banging chicks….and we get Michael Jordan daughter???? Cmon homie!! LOL

    Ans forum= beaches of southbeach
    Ans= backyard barbecue

    • jfizzle

      @Bstrait, I was thinking the same thing

    • RED(Corp)

      I ain’t browsed the forums in a minute gotta go over there..

  • Realtalkin

    she a pretty girl

  • seanjohn100

    fuck no

  • REX!!!

    Im still waitin for jordans sons to look like him

    *Blood test*

    • jamarxyz

      +1000…now that you mention it….the daughter is the only one that resembles Mike….even if the sons shave their head,just dont see Mike.

  • James

    She looks just like Megan Vaughan in the first pic. Shit I thought that’s who his son was smashing until I read the headline