Johnny Depp and Tim Burton’s ‘Dark Shadows’ Trailer

· March 16, 2012

After months of teasing photos of Depp in pale white makeup and 17th century accouter, the first trailer for Dark Shadows has hit the web.

Depp plays the risen vampire who becomes a blood sucker out of water after waking up in 1972 in a household filled by the likes of Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter and Chloe Moretz; as a remake of a daytime soap opera that ran from 1966-72, the fish out of water tale adds an extra level of winking to the camp to the silly, supernatural melodrama.

Are you going to be seeing this movie on the big screen?

  • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

    Both of them cats are weird as shit. Look how Burton distorted the Batman movies from the nineties. Caught the re-runs of Dark Shadows, that show was garbage. Television really sucked in that era.

  • wobeli

    Don’t know about this one, it could be a hit based on Helena, Depp, and Burton have always worked well together, but I’m not too excited.

  • prince_kosmic

    So, Hollywood has given Tim Burton another boatload of money to make another weird azz movie based off what else…. a remake of a vampire show.

    • prince_kosmic

      I’m actually disappointed that Hollywood is taking a much anticipated film for a lot of people and gave it to Tim Burton to FFF it up, like he did Batman (cheesy as hell when you look at it today) and Willie Wonka. The best thing he ever directed was Beetlejuice.

      • 1luv

        Sleepy Hallow was good!