On the Joe Rogan Podcast Joey “Coco” Diaz and Joe Rogan discuss actor Robert De Niro’s cheating behavior with black women.

We all knew that Robert loved black women but I never heard of him being a trick on his side pieces. I guess his jump off’s bills are really keeping him in the movie biz these days. I would love to see how some of his upgrades look now that I heard this story.


  • Playboy69

    Robert De Niro just “Thomas Jefferson” them hoes!…LOL!

  • prettymanny

    Italian (and many Mediterranean)men have a love obsession with black women I’ve experienced it myself many times but its kinda ironic because they also tend to be racist towards black men. Go figure!

    • moor

      Very true and for the last reason I can say I don’t care for Italians. They’re very racist and even have they’re own slurs for us.


    cool story. i guess when u die the money dont come with u so u gotta spend it somehow. best trickin excuse i could think of right now.

    • presto 2.5

      lol @What…

      btw…”How long will the site be running smoothly?”

      who knos?…my money is on “not long”…lol

      @Hahz ^^

      • Playboy69

        @pesto….LMAO @Hahz!

  • moor

    Italians still have a bad taste in their mouths for blacks after being conquered by the moors. Look it up. Your his-story books won’t tell you that.

    • the blackman is hated and feared but our women are welcome to stay.

      • presto 2.5


        • moor

          Its always like that with the opposite sex. Some white girls ain’t too cool with BW but are willing to marry a black man and bare his children. Goes both ways.

  • thats where your darkskinned sicilians come from…they hate the fact some north african dude raped his mom,but thats the spoils of war..you loose ,i squirt in your women…..but black women look better than these pale chicks and everybody wants that darkmeat on the low…but they want the blackman in jail.