Joe Budden is bringing se*y back on the latest cover of Rolling Out Magazine.

While Joe seems to be super cool and laid back on Love & Hip Hop he seems to also be the center for a lot of drama that is also taking place on the show. Everyone knows that there has to be something between him and Raqi Thunda that the only reason she could be acting like a total out rage on television when asked about his friendship with Raqi his reply was:

“That relationship is nonexistent,” he says bluntly. “I won’t say it’s because of the show. It’s because of her. The show didn’t do anything — to me, anyway. That was bound to come to its end whether the show was happening or not.” 

On Why He Did The Show

“I didn’t really see a reason to be opposed to [the show].  It was never really something I was ever opposed to. This was just another outlet for people to get a better understanding of who I am as an individual. And to see some of the struggles that I went through. If it could help at least one person out there, it was all worth it….If new fans are attracted — [that’s] great. If older fans can get a better understand or another perspective on Joe Budden, then I welcome that, too. All things [are] welcome….You wanna make the most out of life. Life is short,” he says of why he ultimately did the show. “You wanna do as much as you can for as many people as you can. That’s just the person I’ve grown into. It wasn’t always the case. … But today, you evolve. Any new experience, opportunity or door that God puts in front of me to walk through, I’m gonna trust him and walk through [it.]


On His Drug Addiction

“It was just a severe case of me being overwhelmed,” he says.
“I’ve been in this game for a long time and people drinking and doing whatever happens to be their vice of choice — that never affected me. That was me. Not to say other people wouldn’t be influenced, but for me, it was never that. For me, it was, ‘If I wanna do something, I’m gonna do it.’ Whether other people agree or disagree.” 

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