• just saying (kanye shrug)

    Funny thing is that nigga look like his grandfather! lmao smh joe

  • MoorThugRelated

    Stupid joke. Everyone knows white men did 9/11. Fact

  • Greg4422

    It’s almost funny to see a race of people that have been discriminated against over some 400 years …themselves discriminated against another minority in America…smdh…when what we should be doing is forming a coalition with all minority groups and create a voting bloc to fight against THE MAN

    • MoorThugRelated

      He aint even black. He a wetback taco

      • Big ALbert

        !!……Watch it @Moor

        • MoorThugRelated

          My bad, I thought long before I said it…which means I shouldnt have

          • Big ALbert


  • Kingme

    1 way to lose fans don’t already have.

    • MGC Red(#Winny2014)


      • 1luv

        LMAO, that was funny because I am one of them.

  • BzB

    joey stay doing dumb lame stuff