Finally a reality show brings a couple together instead of breaking them up. Watching Love & Hip Hop made it obvious Joe Budden and Tahiry still had a lot of feelings for each other. With the first season done and Tahiry attacking Consequnce for Budden, it looks like they are back together.

I see a spin off in their future.

  • President Ward

    Me and Tahiry both got those bred 11s.

    • MoorMilitia

      Fuq yo bread 11s. That’s all U talk about. Bet u wear them sh1ts everyday like a dirt hustla. Type n1gga to cuff a smut like Joe. She only fuqed half a dozen athletes and rappers, thatvwe know of. How many we don’t know about? Step to it!

      • President Ward

        Why u mad bro? Take your stereotyping/uncle tom as somewhere.

  • The title had me thinking he proposed to her LOL. I hope they get a show so we can see tahirys azz a whole lot more.

    • bighomie53

      That’s what i’m talkin about, just let me see that big ol booty!!!!!!! #WP

  • desolation

    joe stupid. I wish I would be dumb enough to give a broad who be letting herself get smutted out for free the title even if we got history. Fat ass or not, in love or not, she’d be another man’s headache after that.

    Anyway, I give them 6 months to a yr before they’re having problems again. I’ll look for joe to make a riveting song about the break up.

    • Realtalkin


  • Sasha4

    Joe needs to get slapped in the face….christ these two were going at it on twitter and sh*t.

    No I see them back together……on some Rihanna Chris Brown sh*t.

  • Fdat

    I know there a bi*ches that are badder then Tahiry, but fu*k that, shez my dream bi*ch……I been on her dick since her & Joe w/making the does online videos when they were still cool…..

    • 1luv

      You mean tittie riding? Girls don’t have dicks.

  • N8


  • Wild140s

    Maybe Budden will wake up now and make a good album again

  • Cakes(no burger daddy)

    Crackheads dont make sound decisions

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    Ive said it once and will say agian, this n.gga music career has and will always be at a standstill because of ho3s, if he took half the time and dedicated it into music then maybe he would be somewhere.

    ALOT of yall think JOEY winning, wrong, if tahiry dumps this n.gga next month, it will be him calling witha morning voice over at power 105 crying about the broad.
    N.GGAZ need to take note that note that you alwayz handle business first over broads, the same very n.ggaz that she fools with are the dudes that are hustlerz and got they shiiiit toghether, joey walking around giving piggy bank rides and shiit FOH

    • REX!!!

      ^^^everything he said^^^

      And 1

    • ginoBrown


  • Bob

    Damn… I can’t blame the dude. He practically addicted to her big booty. I never met or even caught whiff of the girl, and I am.